Seen & Heard: About the Sterling Mason’s Windows…

••• About that recent post about the quality of new construction (I updated the text, too): Someone who was involved with the Sterling Mason says that the rectangular windows with headers were actually insisted upon by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, because they’re historically appropriate. And they’re made by Kolbe, which I understand is impressive (and not cheap). Also, because there was evidently some confusion, I should’ve pointed out that 11 N. Moore is actually not in a historic district, so it never had to go before the Landmarks Preservation Commission. (For more on why the historic districts should be enlarged, visit this site.) There’s an interesting conversation to be had about verifying of info before posting it, something I’m afraid do less and less of, mostly because of low bandwidth. But it honestly never occurred to me that the LPC would’ve wanted these windows, or I might have reached out to them.

••• There’s a new design at the Tribeca Citizen T-shirt shop. It’s available for men and women, and it never goes out of style. If there’s some other product you’d like it on, let me know. I’ve got a blank space….

••• From Notify NYC: “As a part of a Wings and Wheels Expo at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, a number of flyovers will be taking place today, June 18, through Saturday, June 20. Today before 1 p.m., a B-17 Yankee Lady aircraft will arrive at Teterboro and depart at approximately 3 p.m. On Saturday, June 20, and Sunday, June 21, the B-17 Yankee Lady will be conducting hourly flights over the Hudson River between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. All of the mentioned flights will depart Teterboro to the Statue of Liberty, and then north to West Point (Orange County) before returning to Teterboro.”

B-17 Yankee Lady••• I came across this on Twitter. It’s a Thomas Struth photo of W. Broadway in 1978. (I tried taking a comparison shot….)

WBroadway 2015••• And two more vintage photos—these come from the 1st Precinct on Twitter, and I don’t know where they got them. “They’re ‘The Dunes’ of Tribeca,” tweeted the 1st Precinct. “The future site of Battery Park City late 1970’s.” UPDATE: Tribeca’s own Suellen Epstein says that’s her in the black-and-white photo! With her beau at the time, James Biederman.  It’s “Almost Their Own Beach” by Fred P. Conrad for the New York Times, and it ran on May 23, 1977. “That landfill was a super fun playground! That’s what’s so great about the color photo, we had such a blast!”

Dunes Battery Park City 1970s via NYPD1PctDunes2 Battery Park City 1970s via NYPD1Pct



  1. That last picture is so cool!

  2. Wow…just wow! Love these photographs.

    Thanks Doug.

  3. These BPC pics are wild!

  4. I’m really dating myself, but I remember going to an Art on the Beach event (some sort of music) with my parents when the trade center towers were not yet completed. I must have been 12 or 13.

  5. I love seeing the old planes flying over Manhattan! Thanks for posting

  6. I remember the Art on the Beach events. And then they built the World Financial Center and BPC and they were over …

  7. Remember watching the first Opsail (1976 I guess) from the dunes.

  8. I was on that beach so often. I love Suellen in the pic., she was our tumbling teacher for both my kids and then my god girls. She is the best.
    I’d love to get a printed copy of that photo. So many amazing evenings and days on the beach.
    One of the best memories was when Creative Time had aborigine musicians playing Digery Doos over the dunes.
    How lucky to have been down here all this time, but especially back in those days. AHHH

  9. I remember being there a few times, mostly for Art on the Beach. My mom participated in some sort of dance installation there. I have the vaguest of memories of the whole family and friends leaving at night with a grill and tons of party paraphernalia, maybe from the after party. I feel like we exited onto Chambers and the West Side Highway and everything felt so desolate. Man, do I ever miss the way the neighborhood used to feel. It was just so free!