In the News: Overrun by Charity Walks

••• “Some Growing Weary from Run/Walk Events in Battery Park City.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Tribecan Winsome Brown stars in a one-woman show, This Is Mary Brown, at La MaMa. —Tribeca Trib

••• “The Battery Park City Authority has retained an urban design consultant to propose improvements to the streetscape on South End Avenue.” The Broadsheet‘s recap of the discussion is also worth reading for a sense of how exactly things work at the organization.

••• Delimarie, on Duane, opened a sister outpost called Cafemarie on MacDougal. —DNAinfo

••• “Currently in residence at the 3LD Art & Technology Center in Lower Manhattan, [Manual Cinema] is conjuring phantasms to die for in an unclassifiable story of spectral beauty called Ada/Ava. And its creators allow their audience to see exactly how they’re doing what they’re doing, which is nothing less than turning substance into shadow and shadow into substance.” —New York Times

••• “The Honorable William Wall, a floating tavern affectionately known as the Willy Wall, is moored just north of Ellis Island. Affording spectacular views of the harbor and the Manhattan skyline, it is accessible from Downtown via a motor launch that will depart from Pier 25, in Tribeca, approximately every 30 minutes, starting at 5:25 pm. […] The price of a roundtrip journey to the Willy Wall and back is $18.” —Broadsheet



  1. About the streetscape on South End Avenue…

    Maybe a fabulous new design will be suggested, but I have a feeling that the only considerations will be to enhance the pubic awareness of the retail establishments. I doubt that residents will be consulted at all. I hope that — before tearing anything down — some thought will be given to the people who live in the southern part of BPC.

    Looking at the blocks between Liberty and the arcaded buildings is an interesting contrast. Arcades win! (Also, those sidewalks are flooded in rainy weather and throughout the winter making them dangerous. How about spending some money fixing the sinking sidewalks? )

    • Residents don’t exist as far as the the BPCA is concerned. They only wants more money from PILOT taxes — from residential owners and small business of course – not Brookfield or LeFrak. Expanding the retail space on that strip would increase PILOT taxes for the small businesses located there. Brookfield, of course gets the $250 M in renovations for free from the BPCA.

  2. Isn’t Ray Kelly a resident of BPC? Doesn’t he recognize corruption? Why does he stand idly by? Maybe residents should brush up on their drum circles and Occupy BPC?