In the News: Whole Foods Accused of Overcharging

Whole-Foods-Tribeca-by-Tribeca-Citizen••• “The city has launched a probe of Whole Foods Markets after investigators nabbed the upscale food purveyor for routinely overcharging customers on groceries during dozens of inspections dating back to at least 2010. The most recent spate of violations came during a sting operation the Department of Consumer Affairs conducted in the fall that specifically checked the accuracy of the weight marked on pre-packaged products. […] The Union Square location was hit with the most counts of mislabeled packages out of any supermarket in the city since 2014—with 15 during two inspections. The Tribeca location came in second with 14 charges.” —Daily News

••• A New York Post article looking at many of the real estate developments in Tribeca includes this fascinating rethink of the supply-and-demand rule: “More supply means more luxury product, which ultimately means higher prices.” (There’s a reason certain people go into journalism and not finance….)

••• The Wall Street Journal‘s piece about the reopening of streets at the World Trade Center has more specifics: “The barriers at the intersections of Vesey and Fulton streets will be removed by Thursday morning, providing a north-south pedestrian pathway through the heart of the World Trade Center site. Though the stretch is not long—and it will be open only to foot traffic, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.” (*UPDATE: Irene Pagianos of DNAinfo says that the Port Authority has revised/corrected the hours.)

••• WWD has a behind-the-paywall piece on the new Ten Thousand Things jewelry store at Harrison and Staple. The owners were nice when I first reached out, telling me to come by anytime, but now I can’t even get an email reply. (I assume my request got forwarded to outside PR folks, who often don’t understand the value of a hyperlocal blog.) The offer’s still open for a New Kid on the Block post, folks, but only as long as you’re still new.

••• Our Kitchenette closes this weekend, but the owners of Kitchenette renewed their lease at the uptown location. —Eater

••• “Feds fund rebuilding at two Lower Manhattan public spaces: Nadler directs post-Sandy grants to Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Mannahatta Park.” —Broadhsheet



  1. Wait – is the 10a to 6p just Thursday or permanently? Who leaves work by 6p in NYC?

  2. “There’s a reason certain people go into journalism and not finance…”

    That’s a great comment.

  3. There have been many times when I picked up produce at WF that I thought was “conventional” and then upon check out, saw that it rung up as “organic.” I rarely challenged those, but now wonder if some of that was intentional in terms of placement.

  4. So sorry to lose Kitchenette. We’ve been going there regularly for years. They will be sorely missed.