Seen & Heard: What’s Changed at the World Trade Center

••• The reopening of Greenwich Street (to pedestrians, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.*) isn’t quite as monumental as the media has made it out to be, though of course it’s nice that you can get to the World Trade Center from the northeast. The pathway feels like a prison yard (note the barbed wire); I’m surprised there’s no advertising on the fencing. (*UPDATE: Irene Pagianos of DNAinfo says that the Port Authority has revised/corrected the hours.)

Greenwich St reopening path World Trade Center••• Just as interesting, at least to me, is that the last corner of the 9/11 Memorial is open. It doesn’t look different from the rest, but you do get a good view of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. In the third photo, note the windows in between the ribs.

911 memorial final cornerWorld Trade Center Transportation Hub World Trade Center Transportation Hub windows••• And now you can walk along the east side of the 9/11 Museum. (If you set foot on the road, the guards yell at you; not sure why, since there are no cars on that stretch.) Check out the Calatrava building’s shadow….

east side of 911 Museum••• 3 World Trade Center also has windows now.

3WTC windows••• Finally, here’s a handy map. It’s one of those annoying ones with south at the top, because you’re facing south when you look at it. But I still think it’s helpful—what’s opened this week is Greenwich between 7 WTC and the red star. And you can really see how 2 World Trade Center is going to block most (or even all) of the Oculus, 3WTC, and lovely 4WTC.

World Trade Center map••• An advertising shoot yesterday on White Street involved fake snow. Photo courtesy Wicki Boyle.

ad snowstorm by Wicki Boyle••• “Girls” is shooting in northeast Tribeca today, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 folks (“Half Shell”) are back this weekend.

••• Gunbae has started serving brunch. UPDATE: They’re now starting it July 11.

••• Dark Horse’s new façade (at 17 Murray) is half revealed, and it’s quite an improvement.

Dark Horse



  1. And where is the Koenig Sphere the only artifact that survived the attacks intact? Sitting down in an obscure corner of Battery Park, seen only by passing Statue of Liberty tourists who have no idea what this beat up sculpture is.

    When it was installed there in March of ’02, that is over 13 years ago, as a “temporary” memorial, it was the full intent to return it as the centerpiece of the future memorial. In public forums, the general public overwhelmingly called for its return.

    Steve Platte, head of construction for the PA told me it could easily go right outside the museum right there in the northeast corner as seen in the second photo. Or, of course, it could easily go west of the south pool as seen in the illustration.

    So why is it not there? Because the handful of oblivious intellectuals and ‘artists” responsible for the memorial design said that returning it would – wait for it – “tell us what to think.”

    Somehow, NOT returning it is not telling us what to think.

    It’s like the architect of the USS Arizona Memorial said it’s beautiful, it’s perfect; now get rid of the ship.

    That way visitors are not told what to think.

    It’s the last remaining intact artifact of the WTC. And it cannot be part of the memorial. Trees; waterfalls – we all remember that from 9/11, right?

    The ego of the designers is mind boggling. It’s idiotic and defies common sense and our first, basic duty at this place. Let’s get over ourselves, do our job and return the Sphere. See Facebook, Save the Sphere

    • The original Koenig Sphere will have a home as a centerpiece of the new Liberty Park. Don’t worry, it will have a permanent part of the new WTC.

  2. I totally agree. The entire Museum is filled with artifacts from the day. The Sphere is an iconic artifact that deserves a space within the grounds of the Memorial.

  3. Is the helicopter that has been circling Tribeca for at least the past hour this morning related to the TMNT film shoot? Looks like it has a camera attached to the front. But it has also at times been hovering admiringly close to the top construction at 56 Leonard.