Rosa Mexicano Is Opening in Tribeca

Remember how we had heard that a restaurant was opening in the former Washington Market Tavern space at 41 Murray? According to the July Community Board 1 agendas—which I’ll have up by Monday morning—it’s going to be an outpost of Rosa Mexicano, which has three other outposts in the city (and many others across the country and in Dubai). The sample dinner menu is below.

Washington Market Tavernsample dinner menu Rosa Mexicano



  1. Lose Mariachis, a longtime local institution, to demolition, gain a much more expensive mini-chain. And we wonder why Tribeca is losing its soul.

  2. The “malling” of Tribeca.

  3. I love how the menu prices are conveniently LEFT OUT!
    Is this LEGAL?

  4. New acronyms…. Suburbeca, bankercadia, snoramania… :)

  5. Psyched for some “market rate” $20 guacamole. /s

  6. beautiful. awesome. fantastic.

  7. If Rosa Mexicano is the place on the UES that seemed to pioneer tableside guacamole, it all stems from a storefront restaurant on Worth across from Federal Plaza. I’m pretty sure the proprietor and cook was a woman named Josefina Howard. The first authentic Mexican cooking I ever tasted in NY. I think she started the whole wave. Pretty sure she was involved in the opening of the UES place. This was in the ’70s or early ’80s, I think. Can’t remember the name of the place.

  8. I didn’t know this restaurant became a chain. It used to be our “go to” place for Mexican food and was worth the trek uptown for serious Mexican cooking. It was never cheap, but the quality was high and the mole was excellent. I thought it had closed and that “Rosa” retired, She was usually at the restaurant when we visited. Wasn’t it her son who was the chef at the Mexican restaurant on Franklin St. that Drew Neiperont (sp?) had going for a while? This one is a wait and see for me because I am so desperate for Mexican food.