Seen & Heard: Parm Is Opening Tomorrow

••• Pen Parentis‘s M.M. De Voe got a peek inside the new Parm at Brookfield Place, and they told her it’s opening tomorrow (Monday). Here’s her pic:

••• Gotham Bikes on Reade is getting into the bike rental business (or maybe it always has been in it?). Anyway, signage.

Gotham Bikes••• Speaking of bikes: “I commute by Citi Bike daily from North Battery Park City to FiDi,” emailed a reader. “I was pleased yesterday to be able to ride on Greenwich St. from Vesey to Liberty (the first time someone could do that in 50 years). So I was disappointed today to be told that the street is in fact closed (‘to make room for construction trucks’) and be told to instead walk my bike on the sidewalk. 2 WTC will be done in 2020, so we’ll see if a bike path opens up before then.”

••• Fireworks tonight (Sunday) for Gay Pride: around 9:45 p.m. south of Pier 40.

••• I heard back from Cynthia Lopez, head of Made in NY (which oversees film production in the city), about the helicopter disturbance. I’ll try to remember to follow up.

tweet from Cynthia Lopez