Baluchi’s Has Closed

And another inexpensive restaurant bites the dust: Baluchi’s, the Indian restaurant at Greenwich and Warren, has closed. That corner has become far more desirable in the last 12 years—in good part to Whole Foods—and one has to imagine that the rent went up accordingly. (Thanks to T. for the heads-up and the photo below.)




  1. We’ve lost two Baluchi’s – first the one in Soho a couple of years ago and now the one in Tribeca
    Sad – I’ll miss the Kerala boat mans crab curry :)

  2. I remember when Baluchis was one of the better Indian options around, particularly the SoHo branch. The Tribeca location was always reliably average.

    I took a large group of my extended family there last Tuesday (it was always great for large groups as there was never anyone in there). But it was grim. Food and service. So bad I thought about writing to them somehow, alerting them that if they wanted to keep their coveted corner space they’d better step it up.

    Wow. Kinda sad. I’m sure a TD Bank will look good in there though.

  3. If a local liquor/wine store could foot the new lease, it might not be a bad idea (if one can be so close to a school.) WF can only sell beer,

    It’ll be a bank, though.

    • How about the one at 148 Chambers?

      • It’s great if you’re walking that way from WF. They should move into the Baluchi’s space.

        • My wife and I shop at Chambers Street Wines (148 Chambers). They’re the best. They had a great selection of interesting wines and the staff is always willing to help pick out new things to try. We don’t shop anywhere else.

  4. My first thought was Starbucks.

  5. The one at 148 Chambers is great – if you’re going that way.

  6. Give me an ippudo :)

  7. Odds:
    Bank: 5 to 1
    Starbucks: 7 to 1
    Nail Salon: 9 to 1

  8. I’ll bet it sits empty for 6-9 months before a new place opens and then fails. Welcome to the new Tribeca. Are we at 25% empty storefronts with ‘for lease’ signs on them yet? I think we’ve hit a tipping point.

  9. so what’s the best inexpensive indian restaurant in town now?

  10. Went there a few times after it first opened, years ago. Then I was served Cockroach Tikka Masala and I never came back. While I miss reasonably priced restaurants in Tribeca, I will not miss this one.

    If you want good Indian delivery, I highly recommend Tandoor Palace – A Spice Route, on Fulton near the Seaport. They deliver to Tribeca, and delivery time is quick. I have been ordering from there for over a decade and never once been disappointed. Prices range from reasonable to low.

  11. I suggest Benare’s on Murray. Not inexpensive, but when they opened I knew Baluchi’s would not last long.

    • Mruptight! You knew they wouldn’t last long…your comment actually made me laugh! They lasted 12 years. That’s a pretty good run in my opinion!

  12. Always been a huge fan of Benares. Reliable and decently priced food.

  13. I cook Indian, and can second Benares – (you can get goat!) also, Ruchi on Cedar won’t lead you wrong, and it’s the only place in lower Manh, I think, where you can get dosa or uttapam – don’t think Benares or Baluchi’s did those.

    Right now, small and growing business owners know that Tribeca is probably one of the worst neighborhoods in all of NYC to launch themselves in. I assume landlords know that.

  14. Tribeca = Significantly Higher Rents combined w/ the usual Low foot traffic = Not a great location to start most businesses (unfortunately)

    My guess is that the space will remain empty like many others in the neighborhood until reason prevails.

  15. Baluchi’s quality was falling. Ruchi’s is our current favorite option. Every order has been tasty with generous portions.

  16. Another vote for Benares. J Frank – thanks for the Ruchi suggestion will look into that for dosa. Is Hampton Chutney delivering to Tribeca from the new Soho location?

  17. Benares is the one for us, without question. Always many steps above Baluchis without much more price.
    And again, another place with lots of seating where larger groups can go easily.

  18. Another endorsement of Benares. Goat is excellent, as is the Vindaloo, albeit really not very Vindaloo hot.

  19. Love Benares too… originally came from a reco I saw on the Tribeca Citizen… one the Q&As with people who live in the neighborhood. It has not disappointed us.