Has Il Giglio Closed?

Il Giglio2Has Il Giglio closed?

Yesterday, Warren G. (no, not that one) said he’d heard as much, so I looked at the restaurant’s website. There was no indication of anything amiss, although there was also no phone number posted…. I called the number on Google (212-571-5555), and I got a recording saying the “call cannot be completed at this time.” OpenTable shows no availability ever.

I walked by at 2 p.m., when its website says the restaurant would be open for lunch, and the gate was pulled down. I walked by again at 5:45 p.m., and nothing had changed.

My guess is that it has closed, and yet I wouldn’t be surprised if it reopened. Il Giglio always seemed to play by its own set of rules. (Also, I have a vague recollection of it closing for summer vacation in years past.)

UPDATE: Remington comments that it’s “definitely closed.” Also, does anyone know how long it was there? I’ll keep looking online…. Wait, here we go! The 1997 New York Times review by Ruth Reichl says the restaurant was nine years old at the time, so it was founded in 1989, so it was on Warren for 26 years. (Math!) “The food is still not very good,” wrote Reichl. “But judging by the restaurant’s popularity, nobody seems to mind.” I always thought of it as one of the more polarizing restaurants in Tribeca—I had a horrible experience there years ago, yet I know people who loved it.

UPDATE 7/6: “The building will be converted,” comments TG. “They bought out several artists tenants. I don’t know if the building is completely vacant but that is what they are aiming for.”



  1. I sure hope not… I really enjoy this place & the staff has always been terrific when we’re there.

    • Without a doubt my favorite all time restaurant. I practically “lived” in the place. I made great friends with Michael (bartender), Carlos (a great waiter), Rose and Pam. Many, many great nights spent there enjoying their fine food and terrific drinks. Really sorry to hear of its closing.

  2. It is definitely closed. A friend tried to make a reservation for this week and was told that they were closing at the end of last week. Think Sunday was the last day

  3. The only time I ever went was in 2011, when the host INSISTED that we check our coats. We declined to do so, and were told we could not dine there.
    We walked out. Later I thought “hmm I guess that’s their game- they USE their patrons pay their coat check person!”.
    This has never happened to me anywhere else- EVER.
    Good riddance for treating potential patrons so poorly.
    They deserve to go out of business!

  4. The wife and I ate there once MANY years ago. We thought it overpriced and not particularly good. It was the only time we ever went.

  5. I saw booths and fixtures being moved out and taken away this week.

  6. The building will be converted. They bought out several artists tenants.
    I don’t know if the building is completely vacant but that is what they are aiming for.

  7. They always close the first two weeks of July, maybe it is for good this time, the indian restaurant on the corner is out of business.

  8. one of the best restaurants ever will be greatly missed


  10. I started going there when I worked on Murray Street about 1990. My boss went there at least 2 times a week.. so I used to go there about two to three times a month. Don’t remember any of the waiters at this point but I do remember the owner and his name was Sergio. He treated my boss like gold & his guests. My boss Fred was a big spender and good tipper. If it wasn’t on the menu they would make it for us. All the employers were very nice to us. The food was excellent.. I’m not hearing anything about Sergio who did open this restaurant. I wonder if he sold it after we closed the business in 1998-99. Wondering if anyone knee him or heard anything !