In the News: SeaGlass Carousel Opening Date

••• The SeaGlass carousel at the Battery (née Battery Park) is now scheduled to open August 20. “A $5 ticket to the carousel will give you a ride on one of the huge fish, but you’ll also get to watch a show where other visitors are gliding around, so you can get a full experience of the unique space.” —DNAinfo

••• There’s a ballet-based fitness operation, Everyday Ballet, at 380 Broadway, 5th floor. —FiDi Families

••• The free Battery Dance Festival starts Aug. 15. —New York Times

••• Soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic bought at 101 Leonard. —Real Estate Weekly

••• “Whole Foods Executives Admit to Overcharging Customers.” —Grub Street

••• We knew this building was coming down. “Tribeca Associates is planning a new 26-story hotel at 143 Fulton.” —Real Deal



  1. I kinda had hoped someone would renovate that Fulton building back into its former glory (see old photos & history here: I mean, what a perfect spot for a cute little beergarden-type resto?
    But, alas.

  2. Thanks for that link, AKM —

    Imagination falters! Development Reigns! Down with the neighborhood!

  3. Why not restore the facade to it’s original look and use it as a charming entrance to the new hotel which could rise discreetly above it?

    Development and imagination — two words that rarely together . . .

  4. Does anyone know if Global Discount has moved to another location? We always shopped there for the small things.
    And thanks for the link, too bad about the building.