In the News: Robert De Niro’s Tribeca

••• The Dusty Rebel spotted a new DAIN artwork in Tribeca.

••• The fortnightly New York Times article about fancy real estate amenities includes this about apartments at 100 Barclay: “They will also have […] vented dryers and range hoods. Many of the apartments, which are priced from $3 million to $11.5 million, will have storage rooms on the same floor, so rather than going all the way down to the basement, residents will simply walk across the hall to reach their storage. Each floor will also have dedicated rooms for storing strollers.” Which parents will obviously use for other stuff and park their strollers outside their doors…. And then this about 11 Beach: “Oversize, suburban-style laundry rooms, complete with full-size washers and dryers, shelving and large utility sinks where residents can hand-wash clothes or dump dirty mop-water.” Not!

••• A gushy Telegraph travel article about Tribeca includes a few quotes from Robert De Niro about the neighborhood. This is the writer, not De Niro: “Tribeca has evolved rapidly in recent years, and the architect of much of that change has been De Niro. His ongoing business ventures in the area have transformed Tribeca from a crumbling industrial precinct into a magnet for celebrities and well-to-do families, and he is now considered the neighbourhood’s unofficial ambassador. […] No matter whom I spoke to, one person was invariably cited as the reason for Tribeca’s growing appeal: De Niro.”

••• “Songwriter and OneRepublic star Ryan Tedder has just bought [an] $11 million, six-bedroom, seven-bath apartment at Tribeca’s 111 Murray.” —New York Post

••• About that piano that was in Tribeca Park. —Tribeca Trib

••• There are gangs of aggressive ticket hawkers in the Battery. —Downtown Express

••• Only noticed this after I posted today’s Seen & Heard: “Euthanasia road trip pic” Youth in Oregon is filming on Duane today. Here’s a nice shot of the craft services blocking the view of a local business. The film stars Frank Langella.

Youth in Oregon



  1. Great example of how the constant filming in the area “helps” local businesses

  2. Eric, you’ve attributed the piano story to Tribeca Trust when it’s really the Trib

  3. DeNiro made Tribeca? in what universe? It was well on its way in the 1980’s.

    DeNiro’s was part of the investment group that founded Tribeca Grill – in 1990.

    The only thing he can be credited for was the founding of the Tribeca Film Festival after 9/11, to help revive the neighborhood.

  4. Sorry to say it was Keith McNally and Lynn Wagenknecht who made Tribeca.In 1980 they bought Towers Cafeteria,that’s when it started with the Saturday night live group .the Odeon is still going strong after so many years and still loved by the old and new comers . Joan Pantzer ( owner of Towers ,with Arty)

  5. Joan is right though even before Odeon TriBeCa was cool & isolated. Also Area brought in more hipsters.