In the News: Possible Ban on Tourist Helicopters

••• Do it! “The City Council is preparing a bill to ban helicopter tourism from the five boroughs, saying the flights are so noisy their wings should be permanently clipped. Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D-Brooklyn) is drafting the bill to nix the business.” —Daily News

••• More on City Winery’s plans for the Pier 26 restaurant. —Broadsheet

••• “By the end of the year, many cyclists, walkers and joggers will have reason to celebrate. The long-awaited bikeway/walkway along West Street in front of Brookfield Place, between Vesey and Albany streets, will be accessible, ending what has been, for many, a maddening detour around Brookfield Place, formerly the World Financial Center.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “The New York City Conflict of Interest board obviously had some serious doubts about the probity of [Maria] Torres-Springer’s appointment” as head of the Economic Development Corporation. “It issued a 14-page report describing where her conflicts of interest might exist, and where her ability to influence the outcome of issues before the EDC might be tainted because of her husband’s employment as a real estate consultant.” The EDC is the Howard Hughes Corp.’s landlord at the South Street Seaport. —Downtown Post NYC

••• “A fashion blogger who claimed to be a stylist for the actor Johnny Depp and the musician Brandon Flowers—and then bought expensive clothing in Manhattan boutiques, purportedly on their behalf—has pleaded guilty in a deal that allows him to avoid prison.” He was reportedly living in Truffles at the time. —New York Times

••• “Actually constructing Tower Two could prove to be one of the biggest challenges of the entire rebuilding effort, requiring extensive planning, a surgeon’s precision and the realization that there could be significant complications along the way. The problem faced by Silverstein and his new design team? Massive, hulking pieces of ventilation equipment take up much of the development site for 2 World Trade Center.” —Capital New York

••• “You know what all the 13-year-olds want to wear now?” said Carol Kleck while shopping at a vintage clothing dealer’s yard sale in Montauk. “Lululemon! […] It’s very sad. Now they all want to look like Tribeca moms.” Because nothing says iconoclast like living in Greenwich, summering in the Hamptons, and being quoted in an article for the New York Times Styles section.



  1. Best solution for tower 2: don’t build it. Enough already.

  2. I agree with j frank, but it will never happen. The oculus feels crowded already, but Silverstein has the right to the square footage he bought. So was this an issue with the vents that the earlier design had taken care of, or is this just again the ineptitude that the whole site has suffered from?

  3. RE: Lululemon, I hate the look (and the personality that comes with it), but love your dig. Almost spit out my quinoa sprinkled kale chip.

  4. 2 WTC MUST be built and it will be built. I have every confidence that they will figure it out.

  5. we get it, Erik: you love art and hate helicopters.

  6. No need to move on; you’re not alone Erik!