Seen & Heard: A Peek Inside Maison Kayser

••• It’s as if Maison Kayser wanted me to take a photo—the doors were wide open. Also, there are already tables in the southern part.

Maison Kayser••• Two pix from today’s parade. I don’t actually know any of the players, so I can’t help identify the ones in the second shot. Wait, I just learned one.

ticker tape parade ticker tape parade2••• A new security precaution…. Hey, at least they didn’t remove the mailboxes entirely.

locked mailboxes for parade••• What do you have to win to be called women?

Souths••• Had another good meal at Houseman last night! Check it out (and if you like those Planters Peanut Bars, you won’t want to miss the salted peanut tart). Anyway, I noticed that Sacco & Vanzetti Bistro at the corner of Greenwich and Spring, where Pão was, has opened, with substantial outdoor space. The menu:

Sacco and Vanzetti Bistro dinner menu



  1. This just makes me realize how much I really miss Pinxtos! Basque Tapas!

    Have to give the new places a try…

  2. Not sure how they be able to pull it off but the construction crew at Maison Kayser seem to be working non-stop. All hours.

  3. that menu sounds awesome, where is it