In the News: Lipstick Thief Slugs Cop

••• A “new batch of drawings comes courtesy Farago Design, a firm that was commissioned by the Downtown Alliance to capture the rooftops of landmarks in Lower Manhattan. Peter Farago worked with Linda Dietz, the VP of Marketing and Communications at the Alliance, to choose 30 buildings worthy of depiction, and he set out to draw them all.” —Curbed

••• I was reading a New Yorker Talk of the Town piece about the recent ticker-tape parade, wondering why I was bothering, when Anna Stern saved the day: “Back at the crêperie, Anna Stern stood near a sign offering discounts to patrons wearing red, white, and blue. Stern wore some red—a stylish rope necklace and a straw hat—but the rest of her clothing was black. ‘I’m from Brooklyn, and I’ve lived in Tribeca thirty-five years,’ she said. ‘Compared to the months after 9/11, when everything shut down, a parade like this is just a minor annoyance.’ Fans had come from all over the country. ‘I don’t have anything to do with people from Iowa. I mean, it’s nice. It’s sweet. But I don’t follow sports.’ She added, ‘At least it’s a global game.'”

••• “It took four listing prices to sell the ‘1,997 sq ft’ Manhattan penthouse loft #PHD at 73 Worth Street on June 26. One way to say it took a long time to sell is like this ‘188 Days on StreetEasy.’ Here’s another way to show that a summer sale took a long time: [the listing photo shows snow on the terrace].” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• Seawife, “the new Naked Angels production […] feels like a sea chanty come to life. Open the doors to the South Street Seaport Museum’s Melville Gallery, and, on a cozy set decked in fishnets and burlap, actor-musicians in knickers and leather vests fiddle, stomp, and sing like sailors’ ghosts having a party. […] It’s exactly what you hope might be happening after hours at the South Street Seaport.” —The New Yorker

••• All about the professional volleyball tournament this weekend at Pier 25 and 26. —Broadsheet

••• “At Whisper Editions, the arty concept shop that opened in the Seaport last winter, Out Magazine editor-in-chief Aaron Hicklin has tapped a handful of artists and celebrities to display their ‘desert island’ books […] at a mini pop-up bookstore. Jeremiah (of Vanishing New York fame) stopped by the pop-up, One Grand today, and found a few notable revelations on the reading habits of celebrities, namely, that designer Tom Ford is into the same author every other hot dude on the subway is: Ayn Rand.” I wouldn’t have guessed that Tom Ford’s ego needed buttressing. “And Tilda Swinton [will] be bringing Patrick Dannis’ Auntie Mamie [double sic, and get yourself a big dose of Rosalind Russell, stat!], Nancy Mitford’s Love In a Cold Climate, and Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, among others.” —Racked

••• “Upscale Chinese fashion designer Wang Tao is opening her first U.S. location at 19 Howard.” —The Real Deal

••• “A man shoplifting about $158 worth of lipstick, lip liners and stick-on nails from a Financial District Duane Reade tried to punch an NYPD detective in the kisser.” —DNAinfo

••• The size of the building going up at 250 South Street keeps changing, but unless something drastic happens, the rendering below shows how out of scale it’ll be with its surroundings. —Curbed (rendering from Bowery Boogie)

250 South Street rendering



  1. Can I ask why you continue to post the Manhattan Loft Guy’s drivel? It is wholly inappropriate for this rag. Most of his postings are negative and highly critical of various sales in our neighborhood. This does not serve any of us well and, in fact, harms the buyers of these properties. As such, he is harming our community. Nothing personal, but this guy is not a leading broker in this neighborhood nor any neighborhood. Despite his self-promotion, he is not regarded as an expert on lofts or resi RE. I find it completely unprofessional for a broker and his company to be out criticizing sales the way he does. Would you allow another business in our community to take a shot at a competitor? I suspect that his negative comments reflect a bias because he was not selected as either the buy or sellside broker in the transactions he describes. He is adding no value at all to our community and I suggest that he be dropped from this community rag.

    • I wholeheartedly disagree about the merits of MLG’s posts, which I find enlightening and useful, and I think anyone buying or selling real estate in this area would be wise to read it.

      P.S. “Rag” is a pejorative term.

  2. Wow, I could not disagree more with the original post above. As a longtime reader of MLG, I can say that he comes across as one of the most objective and knowledgable brokers out there, and I’m sure many other brokers would agree. The comment above speaks for itself – it reeks of bitterness, competition, an entirely unprofessional motive of seeking to badmouth someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. Guess he must have seen through some transaction of yours, Scott! “Nothing personal”: give me a break.