Squeezed Out

Jamba JuiceThe Jamba Juice at 88 W. Broadway (between Chambers and Warren) is closing on Friday.



  1. of course it’s the only one I use! :(

  2. Was just wondering which local business would close this week… Stay tuned next week when we again play Tribeca roulette.

  3. To be replaced by a Goliath National Bank

  4. Come on folks, let’s pick our battles. Jamba Juice? Good riddance. There’s about 5 other local juice bars that should follow. Now Il Giglio, I will miss. The Brontosaurus bone veal parm was divine.

  5. Well said Fidus

  6. Sad, I liked Jamba Juice too @ liat. It offered Juices that were decent and not too Kale infused or at a premium $10+ like the other juice places. My boys are going to miss it. ;(

    @eric, do you know what their reason was (rent too high?, not enough business? too much competition?).