In the News: Ideas on How to Fix Downtown’s Tourist Congestion

wall street bull 22413••• “Kate Ascher, a principal with engineering firm BuroHappold, […] along with Claire Weisz, a founding partner with architecture and design firm WXY studio […] have been leading the Make Way for Lower Manhattan initiative—so far it’s been a yearlong study of the various mobility and congestion problems that plague the narrow, colonial grid of Manhattan below Chambers Street.” I found the plan hard to understand from the text, so I suggest you go straight to the slideshow. Some of it is questionable—such as the Castle Clinton rendering—but moving the Wall Street Bull to the pedestrian-only Wall Street makes so much sense it should happen right now. —DNAinfo

••• A slideshow of objects from the new Ten Thousand Things store. I’m coming for #9 today. —T Magazine

••• A New York Times profile of Dan Abrams, who co-owns White Street (among many other endeavors) includes a big section about how the restaurant now accommodates kids at brunch that feels an awful lot like a PR quid pro quo.

••• Owning a shop on Nassau is tough. —Downtown Express



  1. The Wall Street Bull was plunked down on city-owned land one night by its creator without the permission of any city agencies. And for unknown reasons (doubtless the bull’s intense subsequent popularity) its illegal installation has never been questioned by the city. Take it away, please, and put it, if you must, on privately-held land.

  2. The Bull was plunked down in front of the New York Stock Exchange as a gift from the artist back in the 90s and the Exchange members didn’t see its beauty or value. They had the city cart it away.
    It would be fitting and sensible to bring it back to the corner of Wall and Broad, which is now just a big tourist spot anyway.