Seen & Heard: Two More Shoots Tomorrow

••• I’m trying to write more profiles of new restaurants and fewer reviews: It’s better if you decide whether you like it. (Restaurants that won’t allow pre-opening access leave me no choice but to review them.) As a result, however, I can’t get into the quality of the food. I bring all of this up because I want to encourage you to make the journey above Canal to try Houseman. I’ve eaten there a few times now, and it’s rather good. Last night, I tried the burger—which chef-owner Ned Baldwin is excited about—and it was extremely tasty, with all ingredients in perfect proportion (and humanely raised beef). There are two thin patties and and a caramelized onion condiment, which is why it looks a little funky in the photo.

••• From K.: “For the past week, on weeknights from midnight to 5 a.m., the city has been cleaning out water mains all night long. Last night they were on Duane between Church and Broadway. The truck they use is incredibly loud and literally shakes the buildings around it. The DEP officer was unable to show a permit when I questioned the work. People I have spoken to in the area have been unable to sleep as well. The whole neighborhood should be aware of this and lodge their complaints with 311 or the 1st precinct before they come to your block all night long.”

••• The Marvel TV show “A.K.A. Jessica Jones” (listed on flyers as “Violet”) is shooting in south Tribeca tomorrow (Tuesday).

••• Flyers for “Farydak” are up on Franklin for a Tuesday/Wednesday shoot; the only “Farydak” I find online is a new drug for multiple myeloma.

••• As of last night, the crane from the “Ninja Turtles 2” shoot was still blocking Staple Street.

Ninja Turtles crane on Staple••• Related: James dug up some film-shoot regulations that would’ve come in handy over the weekend.

When cameras are not rolling pedestrians must be allowed to walk along any city sidewalk and gain access to any building. […] Pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow is maintained at all times, and an NYPD officer is assigned to many exterior shoots. Occasionally, you may be asked to pause for a few moments during the filming of a scene. […] The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting expects crews to be courteous and accommodating to residents and merchants at all times. Production should always provide safe pedestrian walkways and allow vehicular access for buses, sanitation trucks, delivery trucks, moving vans and resident vehicles. […] Your first course of action is to explain the situation to the production assistants on set. If the situation is not rectified, check the production signs for the name and phone number of the location manager on the shoot. Additionally, larger shoots will have police officers who can assist you. If a problem remains, contact the OFTB immediately by dialing 212-489-6710, so that the problem can be rectified while the project is still in production. After business hours, you can contact a Supervisor of the NYPD Movie/TV Unit at 646-739-9900. Do not wait until after the shoot. The OFTB will take appropriate action right away. (From and

••• Distilled is closed today and tomorrow for “a minor makeover,” according to a sign outside.



  1. I dont know about you, but I’m happy to lose a night of sleep for clean water.

    • What K likely heard is a vacuum truck cleaning out the City’s sewer pipes. It is very loud to do at night, but the City has had a terrible time keeping the sewers clean, e.g., of solidified grease either dumped by restaurants or from restaurants with missing or undersized grease traps. The NYC sewers are combined sanitary and storm, which means that this grease buildup prevents rain and flood waters from draining away.

    • I love clean water, too. But it isn’t necessary to do this very noise work after midnight. There are plenty of other times to do this. We should be able to have clean water AND sleep.

      K, my guess is that they didn’t bother to get a permit, so my rec is to call DOT and complain: 212 839-7131

      • Are you a sewer expert? I wouldn’t make that assumption unless you know for sure. There are likely mechanical reasons, if not traffic disruption reasons, that outweigh your bags. Might I recommend cold cucumber slices?

  2. — and then there are the sanitary “wipes” that manufacturers wrongly claim are “flushable” and which have created a major sewage clogging problems in the neighborhood.

  3. As District Leader I am supposed to have access to elected officials but after several sleepless nights and many calls to 311 about the noise all night around Duane St I had to read here in the Tribeca Citizen the cause of my dragging myself to my job bleary eyed. I even spoke with the DOT at the CB 1 quality of Life meeting last week and they knew nothing about sewer cleaning. But permits are required and I am going to look into this. If sewers are being cleaned it can be done before midnight. I have an ill husband and he suffered a great deal as well!!