In the News: Maison Kayser’s Fan Is Driving Neighbors Nuts

56 Leonard••• 56 Leonard has reportedly topped out, so it might be getting uglier (or more attractive), but at least it’s not getting taller. —New York YIMBY

••• Maison Kayser‘s exhaust fans are so loud they’re bothering nearby residents; the restaurant says it’s working on the problem. I went by to take this photo. The sound is loud (the decibel meter app on my phone, because I’m that guy, equated it to an average car or motorcycle, but it’s made worse because it’s constant). But for a passerby, the heat is worse —Tribeca Trib

••• Manhattan Loft Guy has a rule: “Lofts sell by the foot, not by bedrooms, as at 53 N. Moore Street.”

••• Someone left his keys in his Range Rover on Warren and it was taken. Also, a locker was broken into at Asphalt Green. (As I’m sure other members there have noticed, many of the lockers there are damaged from what appear to be thieves’ attempts to wrench the locked doors open. Many of those metal loops that locks go through are twisted and mangled.) —Tribeca Trib (UPDATE: The Range Rover was stolen from a parking garage, as per Urban Cowgirl’s comment below.)

••• 10 Below Ice Cream has opened at 10 Mott, just above Worth (which isn’t that far and a mostly car-free walk through the Municipal Building and up along Park Row). It uses “a Thai method of making ice cream. Cream or custard is poured into a chilled metal container and worked with trowels until it freezes to a creamy consistency. […] Fruit and other ingredients can be chopped and folded in. It’s then scooped, in rolls, into a cup with optional toppings.” —New York Times

••• A New York Times article on the boom in reclaimed wood includes a part about 443 Greenwich and how the building’s wood was removed and sold for use elsewhere.



  1. Ice cream is something our neighborhood and Fidi is desperately missing. Don’t these LuLu Lemon bitches need to binge every now and again?

    • [Politely ignoring the “bitches” part]

      I know folks who like Ti Amo on John St., but I recently had a not-great experience there.

      I just walked up to 10 Below, and I stood at the register for over a minute and the cashier never even looked up at me. The place was crowded, hot, and loud (“Wrecking Ball”). If anyone goes, let me know whether you can choose your own flavor or whether you have to do the combos (involving toppings) listed on the menu.

  2. um, just to clarify…the “someone” who left the keys in the range rover was the parking attendant at the parking garage where the range rover has a monthly parking spot! it was MY range rover and i didn’t even know it was stolen until 3 days later when i went to the parking garage to take out my vehicle. details, details.

  3. These exhaust fans do not seem to conform to the NYC Mechanical Code (enforced by Dept. Of Buildings). The photo indicates they are too low above the ground, a code requirement which appeared even in previous versions of the Building Code.

    401.5.2 Exhaust openings. To minimize the hazard from fires and from noxious, toxic or
    obnoxious discharges to structures, any exhaust air discharge to the outside atmosphere shall
    terminate at or above the roof or setback roof of the buildings or in an exterior wall adjoining a
    street, yard or court. Exhaust air discharges shall be at least 10 feet (3048 mm) above the
    sidewalk or ground and shall terminate at least 10 feet (3048 mm) from any window in another
    building or from any window in a residential portion of the same building, or from any fire
    escape, exterior stair, or balcony. Exhaust system openings shall be provided with vanes or
    louvers constructed so as to direct the air away from windows, other openings, and
    pedestrians. […]

    501.2 Outdoor discharge. The air removed by every mechanical exhaust system shall be
    discharged outdoors at a point where it will not cause a nuisance […]

    506.3.12.2 Termination through an exterior wall. [Commercial kitchen hood] Exhaust outlets shall be permitted to
    terminate through exterior walls where the smoke, grease, gases, vapors, and odors in the
    discharge from such terminations do not create a public nuisance or a fire hazard. Such
    terminations shall not be located where protected openings are required by the New York
    City Building Code. Other exterior openings shall not be located within 3 feet (914 mm) of
    such terminations.

    506.3.12.3 Termination location. Exhaust outlets shall be located not less than 10 feet
    (3048 mm) horizontally from parts of the same or contiguous buildings, adjacent property
    lines and air intake openings into any building and shall be located not less than 10 feet
    (3048 mm) above the adjoining grade level.
    Exception: Exhaust outlets shall terminate not less than 5 feet (1524mm) from an
    adjacent building, adjacent property line and air intake openings into a building where
    air from the exhaust outlet discharges away from such locations.

  4. The things people say on this site. This is truly the least self aware space online I’ve ever come across. I would stop reading, but it’s like a car crash … in a rich, white-dominated neighborhood, so it gets ridiculously more attention than it otherwise would. The indignity on here is out of control.

    Keep it coming!

  5. @John Doe: exhibit b: “zipdrug.” That, along with the clean bathrooms app and the mail order underwear, are some of the more ridiculous start ups that have been featured here. All of them (and more) an ill-advised use of posting space for paid advertising — an increasingly frequent practice on the blog, I regret to say, and something I for one would prefer not to see.

  6. Yeah yeah I knew you’d say that. But all papers and magazines (as you know) make editorial decisions about their advertising and they generally don’t plug ads directly into the main news area or format ads to look exactly like articles. Obviously you have to sell ads, and some are even helpful reminders of things around the margins. Do you have to sell ads that masquerade as the original content on the site?

    • The short answer is yes. As for the long answer, I’d like to address it in a State of the Site post—haven’t done one in a long time, and this is a good topic to get into there rather than in the comments on a week-old post.

    • They’re clearly labeled as “Sponsored” and easy to skip if you choose.

  7. The only reason I commented here was because comments are closed on the paid post!

  8. Speaking of things the neighborhood lacks–why can’t we have a decent Thai restaurant? We used to order from Bunrasa, but they closed. Drives me nuts.