Shake Shack Is Getting Some Competition

courtesy SchnippersThe Commercial Observer reports that Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen is opening a 3,300-square-foot fast-food restaurant at 120 Church (between Murray and Park Place). It’ll be going head-to-head with the forthcoming Shake Shack at the Fulton Center. And there’s also a new Schnipper’s at 1 New York Plaza, down by the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

I’ve enjoyed the Schnipper’s in Times Square now and again, but this text from its website puts quite the gloss on the brand: “We don’t do fusion or foreign. We think happy is healthy. We think low stress is as important as low fat, and high-quality can be just as important as organic.”

120 Church



  1. ie “happy” instead of “healthy,” easy instead of low fat, “quality” rather than organic. Literally that’s what it’s saying. The grammar is interesting.

  2. Any update on this spot?

  3. I don’t believe Shake Shak is organic either….high quality and tasty yes, organic…. nope! Still fast foods, still high in fat, still not healthy. Shellac attack on all grounds. But I welcome the option for my once-in-a-while burger.