An Eight-Story Mansion on Canal Street

Last October, I passed along the rumor that an eight-story private residence was planned for 526-528 Canal, and now New York YIMBY says that the paperwork has been filed for it. The new building, taking the place of the parking lot and the four-story building to the west, will be 12,100 square feet. “Living quarters will start on the third floor and span through to the seventh,” says YIMBY. “According to Schedule A, the ‘grand hall’ will take up of the first floor, and a wine cave, service kitchen and formal dining room can be found on the second level. Up top, the eighth floor will have a pool, hot tub and sun room, which will open up to outdoor space and a roof garden.”

And the mansionization of Tribeca continues….


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  1. And such a nice tranquil, serene street for a new home.
    Hardly ever has any traffic jams or honking horns!
    Country living at its best!