Seen & Heard: A New Outpost of ROC

••• Geraldine Pontius sent in this evocative photo she took in the 1970s.

••• During a lovely dinner at ROC the other night, owner Rocco Cadolini said that he’s opening another ROC—in Louisville! If all goes well, it’ll be ready in January. (And he has no plans to leave Tribeca.)

••• Robyn Hitchcock is playing City Winery on Nov. 20.

••• Come improve your running speed, endurance, form, and strength. Urban Treading group running classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. at The Live Well Company gym (256 West St., between Laight and Vestry). From there we’ll head over to Hudson River Park to run and work out. Sessions include interval training of various distances and speeds; agility and form drills; and running-focused strength exercises. The workouts are great for anyone looking to become a better runner, especially those training for an upcoming race. The cost is $30 per session or $125 for five sessions paid in advance (cash only). | Sponsored.

••• 460 Washington’s West Street side is now unveiled. I wonder why they didn’t take the northern column of windows all the way to the top.

460 Washington••• Such a smart move to cobblestone this stretch of not-even-sidewalk on Spring, outside the new sanitation garage. Totally money well spent.

Spring Street sanitation sidewalk cobblestones



  1. Cobblestoning the region between the street and sidewalk is very common. It allows for drainage and for dogs to be curbed. You are odd.

  2. i think it looks nice

  3. For the record, there are NINE cities named Louisville in the United States.