Handover at Koh’s Kids

At the end of August, after twenty years, Grace Koh of the Koh’s KidsĀ children’s boutique is retiring. Jared Levine of Jamari International, an importer/distributor of various high-end children’s fashion brands, is taking over the Greenwich Street store, but there are no plans yet to rename it. Koh’s Kids already carries some of Jamari’s brands; the clearance sale happening now is to make room for more Jamari merchandise.

The store will close for a few days in late August for a small revamp; stop by before then to say goodbye to Grace, who is an institution in these parts.



  1. Grace Koh is a Tribeca institution. I hope she plans to continue living in the neighborhood.

    I hope the store retains some of the quirky personality it has had through the years – and I hope it survives the massive changes to Greenwich Street that have happened recently.

    Grace – Have a very happy and productive retirement!

  2. Even though my kids have long grown out of Grace’s store, they still go by regularly to see all of their holiday cards on the bulletin board (some faded after 14 years). Times have changed around here and glad to have Grace and Koh’s Kids as such a fond memory.

  3. Will miss dear Grace! She once hand knit a sweater that had come unraveled for my daughter. Small business used to define a neighborhood. I hope the handover goes well!

  4. The only place I buy clothes for babies and young children. Every item so thoughtfully chosen. Smart, whimsical, tasteful. Oh Grace, you did such a briliant job with the store, turning a chore into a delightful ission. The kids for whom I bought the clothing gifts over the years also delighted in the purchases, I bought one little boy — the son of dear friends — a tee-shirt with a snow plow. The boy lived in Venezuela and had never seen snow. He adored the shirt. I hope your successor brings the same taste level and dedication.