In the News: Objections to the BPC Parks Putsch

••• As expected, there’s a lot of community support for Tessa Huxley, the head of the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, who appears to be getting forced out by Battery Park City Authority chair Dennis Mehiel. The question remains: How bad do things have to get in Battery Park City before residents and politicians do more than wring their hands? —Broadsheet, Downtown Post NYC, Tribeca Trib

••• “A Tribeca doctor was busted for hawking Xanax prescriptions to undercover cops, a scheme that helped line his pockets with nearly $1 million, authorities said Tuesday.” Dr. Mengjia Zhao’s office is at 109 Lafayette, which I’d call Chinatown, but that’s less good of a story. —New York Post

••• The New York Times checks in on the marriage of Landmarc‘s Marc Murphy and Pamela Schein Murphy. Favorite part: “At first, she was an informal contributor, working the door at Landmarc Tribeca. ‘A disaster,’ she said, ‘because I don’t believe the customer is always right.'”



  1. Unfortunately, the residents have absolutely no say in how things are done in BPC. The board has marching orders from Cuomo. The board doesnt live here and couldnt care less about it. Battery Park City isn’t a neighborhood , but rather a financial vehicle that Cuomo uses to pay off campaign donors and other favors. With no reelection in sight for Cupmo, residents don’t have much influence.

  2. No surprise.
    I had been practicing commercial real estate for only a few years when Mrs Murphy contacted me to look at a few retail spaces for lease. We made an aopt to meet up which I confirmed with her. She never showed up. She had no excuse when I called her. She was busy. In my 10 years in real estate, she is one of only 2 people who has ever stood me up.