Valentine No. 45

For the fifth summer, I’ll be spotlighting little aspects of life here that I love. To see the previous Valentines, click the Valentine tag at the end of the post.

100 Franklin treesI am going to miss these trees so much. They’ll be casualties of 100 Franklin, where work is imminently slated to start.




  1. I agree with you. That ailanthus tree has been there for decades. It’s a true survivor.

  2. One of my favorite “groves” of trees in Tribeca- been photographing them for years and years. Never knew the name before. Thanks for the education. And I will certainly miss them as well.

  3. Such a shame ……

  4. What is the history of the ally that runs off of that parking lot? The ally runs behind those buildings on the Northern side of Franklin Street, west of the little parking lot. Seems to be at a much lower level than the street. Were there some major topography changes?

  5. DDG is one of the most ruinous developers Tribeca has known, aside say, from Related, Aby Rosen, Vornado, and Ponte Equities. Our city government seems utterly taken over by the real estate industry. It is time for New Yorkers to figure out ways to change that.

  6. Can’t they try to move the trees to a nearby park? Large old trees are something money can’t buy. They always plant saplings after construction which take so many years to be big nice shade trees. Such a shame.

  7. Beautiful trees, but the scene is sadly ruined by the filthy graffiti on the walls.