In the News: A “Jersey Shore” Star Bought on Jay Street

••• From a New York Times article on Ed Burns and his new “Public Morals” TV show: “Giving a walking tour of locations the show used in Tribeca, Mr. Burns pointed out a vacant lot at Desbrosses and Washington Streets that until recently held an imposing if somewhat neglected-looking eight-story building with the look of old New York. Hearing that the structure was about to be demolished, he hurried a crew over, stuck one of his actors, Keith Nobbs, in a phone booth outside it and shot a scene that turns up in Episode 7. ‘We got to it about two weeks before it was torn down,’ Mr. Burns said.”

courtesy Mike the Situation••• Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from “Jersey Shore” bought a $3 million apartment at 14 Jay. —The Real Deal UPDATE: This appears to have been too, er, good to be true. “Know the owners of Jay St apartment,” comments Sara below. “It’s a guy with the same name (we were told by them yesterday) not actually the Situation.”

••• There was a celebration of life in honor of Capt. John Doswell, who “was the founding chairman of Friends of Hudson River Park. He helped to get the Hudson River Park Act passed, enabling the formation of the city/state agency that is building the park. He served on the boards of the North River Historic Ship Society and Save Our Ships NY, and was a founding board member of the Governors Island Alliance. He also was the executive director of the Working Harbor Committee, which sponsors the Hidden Harbor Tours, educating people about the working harbor of New York and New Jersey.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• The New York Times Real Estate section’s “Living In” column yesterday was about FiDi (a portmanteau the Times didn’t use, interestingly). The Times calls everything below Chambers and east of West Street FiDi, which is absurd. (Then again, a story the other day said Skylight Clarkson Square was in Tribeca….) Can we agree that the World Trade Center and City Hall Park form the northern border of FiDi? And there’s an awful lot of emphasis on the Seaport, which is really its own micro-neighborhood; worse, the emphasis is on the Howard Hughes Corporation’s parts, even though the company has let so much of the area languish post-Sandy while the independent areas to the north, resuscitated much sooner, could use the spotlight.

••• Speaking of which: “Crown Acquisitions, the powerhouse retail investor which is better known for its purchases of prime Fifth Ave. retail condos than for its souvenir store buys, has forked over $25 million to buy a dinky old souvenir outpost at 144 Fulton St.” That’s the very funky little building with the slash of a window (below). And this is just the latest development on Fulton: “Real estate developer Tribeca Associates is planning a new 26-story hotel at 143 Fulton St., with 228 rooms and retail space on the first and second floors, according to building permits, and the Lightstone Group recently snagged a pair of vacant lots ready for development at 92 and 94 Fulton St. for $23.25 million.” —Daily News



  1. FiDi Fan Page considers everything south of Chambers and East of West Street, the Financial District so I was pleased that the Times did so as well. The Community Board itself uses south of Murray. There are several sub hoods including the Seaport, Greenwich South, Lower East FiDi. Greater FiDi includes Tribeca and BPC which makes this all one big fabulous neighborhood.

  2. I find the purchase of 144 Fulton interesting. The building is empty and has been for some time. Two sites West is a vacant lot so I predict that the center building, which houses the Cafe Tomato Deli, will be incorporated with the other two sites to create a bigger development with significant retail at the base and apartments above.

  3. Know the owners of Jay st apartment, it’s a guy with the same name (we were told by them yesterday) not actually the situation.

  4. Just to complete that thought and going out on a range , the infamous Mike ‘the Situation’ from the MTV show was indicted recently for tax fraud, no?