Seen & Heard: “A Real-Life Room Escape Game”

••• An inspiring email from Alex Koster, Chief Brand Officer of Kids Cook Dinner: “I thought you might be interested in a website that my brother and I made. (We live in Tribeca and I’m 10; my brother Max is 11).  The website is called We cook dinner for our parents on Sunday nights and then we write about it on our website.  We recently won $35,000 in a domain name contest but since we feel like we’re lucky and have plenty to eat, we are donating a third of the money ($11,666) to Action Against Hunger (an international hunger relief charity). The reason I’m writing to you about this is because we hope it might inspire other people to donate money to fight hunger. Anyway, check out our website if you want to learn more about us.”

••• The “post no bills” plywood panels that Carini Lang installed for its show of carpets by street artists are now for sale ($200-$600).

••• Stillfried Wien is having a floor sample sale (up to 50% off). If you’ve never been inside—or if you have—it’s a good reason to check it out. Lovely stuff.

••• Escape Games NYC, a team-building exercise where you have to puzzle your way out of a locked room, is now at 79 Leonard.

••• From the Lilac at Pier 25: “Our friends at The River Project will be hauling traps as part of New York State’s Great Hudson River Estuary Fish Count this Saturday, August 15 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm during extended hours at Lilac. See, touch and study what they catch.  Kids can also draw Hudson River creatures with chalk on the deck or color fishy activity sheets in the crew mess.”

••• Press release: “The Roman Catholic parishes of St. Peter (22 Barclay Street) and Our Lady of the Rosary (7 State Street) merged effective August 1, 2015. Mass and the sacraments will continue to be celebrated at both churches, as well as at St. Joseph’s Chapel (385 South End Avenue in Gateway) in Battery Park City, which has long been a part of St. Peter’s Parish. Reverend Joseph J. Tyrrell, who has served as pastor of St. Peter’s since September of 2012, is the pastor of the merged parish.”


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  1. The newly formed St. Peter – Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Parish is holding a special Mass and reception this Sunday, Sept 13th at 11am at Our Lady of the Rosary (also known as the Seton Shrine) to celebrate our happy merger. Everyone is invited to celebrate the connection of our three historic locations (St. Peter’s Church, Our Lady of the Rosary Church and St. Joseph’s Chapel) and our three communities coming together as one.