In the News: Video of the SeaGlass Carousel

••• Re: the SeaGlass carousel opening Thursday at the Battery: “Almost every fish is big enough to carry an adult with a small child. Youngsters 42 inches or taller may ride alone. Two stationary Siamese fighting fish have enough room for wheelchairs. Don’t expect a carousel ride like any you remember. The main turntable of SeaGlass rotates clockwise, as quickly as two-and-a-half revolutions a minute. Three 17-foot turntables mounted within the main turntable, each carrying six fish, rotate back and forth 120 degrees, up to five times a minute. Further, the 18 moving fish yaw 160 degrees, nearly four times a minute. The 18 twisting fish also go up and down two and a half feet—except the lionfish and the largest angelfish, whose strokes were shortened so their fins would not scrape the ceiling of the carousel pavilion at their apogee.” Also, it’ll be closed in January and February. —New York Times

••• How John Hatfield, “executive director of Socrates Sculpture Park, a public art space in Long Island City, Queens,” spends his Sundays; he lives in Tribeca. —New York Times

••• The next stage for the East River Ferry: “By 2018 there will be five new routes for the East River Ferry network, mostly stemming from the outer boroughs. Routes for the Rockaways, south Brooklyn and Astoria will launch in 2017, followed a year later by two routes from Soundview and the Lower East Side.” —Commercial Observer

••• A strange story (with an even stranger image) in the Edinburgh News about a woman who watched as an apparently homeless man bought a cup of coffee at a Tribeca restaurant.

••• The Daily News says that on Wednesdays there’s a food cart at Greenwich and Park Place that’s worth trying.

••• Downtown Post NYC profiles “Tamara and Claude Carty, owners of Tamar International Passport and Visa Service at 100 Church St.”

••• “A Chinese food deliveryman making a drop off of food to a Tribeca address was arrested Thursday night when he mistakenly took a wrong turn on his motorized bicycle—and wound up heading the wrong way in traffic through the Holland Tunnel [….] Vehicular traffic into Manhattan was delayed for several minutes while cops with a bomb dog swept the tunnel for possible bomb.” —New York Post


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  1. I just used Tamar International’s services recently to get my passport renewed. Tamara and Claude could not have been nicer. They know their stuff and are lovely folks. Well worth paying their fee to get it all done correctly and timely.