Seen & Heard: New Chambers Street Tenant Revealed

••• The worker who said the storefront at 83 Chambers would be an army/navy store was conceptually correct. (It’s an Army recruiting center.)

83 Chambers Army recruiting center••• The Armoury menswear store on Duane is midway through a two-week renovation. The sign says it’ll reopen Aug. 24.

••• Keep your eyes open for this cat. UPDATE: The cat was found (in the owner’s apartment…).

lost calico cat••• I love TSA PreCheck and Global Entry, but I was miffed when I had to go through a long renewal process for the latter and my husband didn’t. It included an “interview” (during which they make you watch a video about how Global Entry works, which is just dumb for people who have already used it) that I scheduled for the Department of Homeland Security office in the U.S. Customs House at 1 Bowling Green. The best part was being inside the grand old building; the worst was the welcome, which was anything but warm. I mention all this because on the way home, I noticed how tall 50 West has grown. It’s not bad-looking. (A press release just came in: It topped out.)

50 West••• And there’s a new rendering of Liberty Park, currently under construction on the south side of the World Trade Center, posted at 3WTC. (Click to enlarge.) More renderings are here, and the white building is the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (renderings here).

Liberty Park rendering••• And I know the answer to this is no, but is there anything that can be done about the tourist hawkers at the north entrance to the 9/11 Memorial? It’s nearly as bad as outside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

••• An amusing/macabre photo tweeted by writer Erik Larson (The Devil in the White City and many other books):

Erik Larson tweet