In the News: Raccoon Lodge Has Till January

••• The New Yorker did one of its strange opinion-free reviews—gotta expense those drinks somehow?—on the Raccoon Lodge; one of the visits described was in April. Anyway, the piece says that the bar is closing in December (as is Saleya, so maybe the other businesses in that parcel will also get that long). P.S. Thanks to Andrea for the photo! UPDATE: A. says in a comments that Mariachi’s said it has till February.

••• In an article about blowout 40th-birthday parties, the New York Post cites “Tribeca mom of triplets Notoya Green, who spared no expense in planning her 40th birthday party in February—a 200-person affair at the Broad Street Ballroom in the Financial District. Green, a former lawyer, and her husband, Fred Mwangaguhunga, founder of gossip site MediaTakeOut, spent $171,600 to transform the space into a gorgeous lounge with white plush furniture and oversize deep-purple floral sprays ($20,000), custom hors d’oeuvre stations ($30,000) and a performance by R&B artist Elle Varner.” It’s a like a wedding without having to share the spotlight!

••• Club Monaco finally confirmed its opening two stores—one for women, one for men—in Brookfield Place, as first reported here in April. —New York Post

••• “A 59-year-old was smashed face-down into the street by a robber, while being prodded for money, police said. […] The victim was walking across the corner of Park Place and W. Broadway at about 3 a.m. on Aug. 14 when he was attacked.” —DNAinfo



  1. The folks in Mariachi’s told me that they have until February.

    What will I do when they’re gone?