Dylan Prime Has Closed

“Add Dylan Prime to list of vacancies on Greenwich St.,” tweeted John last night, and indeed there are signs in the window saying the restaurant has closed. It opened in 2000, with a reboot in early 2014.

The closing doesn’t come as a total surprise, as a few months back I heard that Dylan Prime was among a trio of large restaurants in Tribeca that were entertaining the idea of selling their leases. (I didn’t mention it because that doesn’t necessarily a deal will happen; indeed, the other two are still in business.)



  1. This is devastating news. One of the few true local gems left since the Harrison closed

  2. I went to Dylan Prime a few months ago and thought the service and food was just mediocre.

  3. Best lounge in the area for almost 15 years. Major, major loss.

  4. Such a bummer. Our favorite steakhouse in the neighborhood. Great food and even better people.

  5. I’ll admit I haven’t been there in quite some time, but I always loved Dylan Prime. I had some great meals there. I will miss it.

  6. John ran that place into the ground, you could always count when you came in on him sitting at the corner drinking. That might have worked 12 years ago when this place was hot but not in this day and age. Its shame, and they didn’t even tell the staff! just changed the locks and posted signs. Shame on all the new owners from Stout who did this without warning!!! Over 40 Employees without jobs in the worst time of the year.

  7. What disturbed me the most about this restaurant closing is that I had a reservation for 9 people the evening they decided to close. I had received a phone call from them 2 days earlier confirming my reservation. How about a little courtesy to let me know that my 8 guests and myself would be standing in the middle of Tribeca without very many options. Not too many restaurants could accommodate 9 people on a Thursday night at 730p in the middle of the summer.