Seen & Heard: The Very Top of 56 Leonard

••• The very top of 56 Leonard has been revealed. What’s odd is that the rendering (fourth image down) shows the topmost floor to be on the building’s north side, while the topmost part of the actual building (at this point) is on the south side.

56 Leonard from Chambers and Church56 Leaonrd from Harrison and Greenwich56 Leonard from Duane56 Leonard••• La Colombe on Church has done a bit of remodeling to accommodate its new draft options (latte and cold brew, or a combo of the two as a black and tan).

La Colombe••• Three upcoming productions:

Flyers posted on Church near Reade for “Billions,” shooting Monday. It’s a TV show, co-created by the New York Times’s Aaron Ross Sorkin and starring Paul Giamatti. “U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king, Steven A. Cohen Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures,” says IMDB.
Flyers posted on Hudson near Duane Park for “ABS,” shooting Tuesday. “ABS” could stand for anything; let’s hope it’s “Adult Baby Syndrome.”
Flyers posted near Walker’s for “The Affair,” shooting Sept. 14.

••• The fencing is down from around 11 N. Moore.

11 NMoore••• A bit more of the Spring Street Salt Shed has been revealed, and it now has a roof so the contrast of the entrance is more visible. Click on the images to see them larger.

Spring Street Salt Shed from CanalSpring Street Salt Shed from WestSpring Street Salt Shed from Canal and Spring



  1. uh… maybe it’s because the rendering bears little resemblance to the actual building.

  2. So how does La Colombe serve beer now with NO PUBLIC RESTROOM?!!!

  3. Wow. So great.

  4. I would be so happy to see this building fall down overnight

  5. 11 North Moore looks great.