Maman Is Opening in Tribeca

211 WBroadway Maslow6Maman, the stylish French café/bakery on Centre Street, is opening a Tribeca location. According to the Community Board 1 agendas for September, it’ll be in the former Maslow 6 space (where the partition has been taken down). Two of the owners, Elisa Marshall and Ben Sormonte, live in Tribeca, so this isn’t totally unexpected. Maman has a sister restaurant, Papa Poule, devoted to rotisserie chicken; maybe that’s next….

UPDATE: It’ll be more of a restaurant than the one on Centre, with brunch, dinner, and booze.

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  1. YES!!!!!! I love that place

  2. These folks are wonderful! A welcome addition and really good food!!

  3. I hope and wish they will have gluten/wheat free menu for Celiac!!
    Thank you.

  4. This ‘adored’ couple has basically made enemies with basically the entire Centre Street block. Since the opening of Maman on Centre, Ben has been actively working with their landlords influencing them to raise rents and evict many of the people that have lived on that block for decades. Its a pretty disgusting situation. These people are predatory, entitled and selfish. Not the kind of people you want running a business in your neighborhood.

    As a TriBeCa resident and business owner I will be actively petitioning against their Liquor License. That section of W. Broadway already has enough bars and restaurants and there is no need for another. In addition the new location will bring most likely an unwanted younger hip and louder scene that will be unwanted in a this relatively quiet block. From my knowledge of the Centre street affairs I do not want to see a repeat of this in Tribeca.