Seen & Heard: Sniper Simulation Today

••• More of 56 Leonard’s top has been unveiled.

56 Leonard••• Today “at approximately 10:30 a.m. there will be a flyover involving four military aircrafts near the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower.” Please stop calling it that! “The event will consist of a B-25, P-51, F-16, and F-22. The planes will converge in New York Harbor and maintain an altitude of 1500 – 2000 feet. The aircrafts will then travel northbound along the Hudson River and land in Newburgh, NY.”

Notify aircraft••• This got posted at 5 p.m. yesterday on Community Board 1’s Facebook page—how about more notice, folks? I mean, Notify NYC sends an email every time the FDR backs up, but they don’t tell us about a sniper? “On Thursday, August 27,”—that’s today—”the filming of a TV series will involve simulated gunfire and an actor posing as a sniper inside the window of a private building. The building will be located in the vicinity of Wall Street and William Street. The scene will take place between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. The NYPD Movie/TV Unit will be on site.”

••• The Cast Iron House at 67 Franklin (361 Broadway) has lovely new windows.

Cast Iron House••• J. noticed that the northeast corner of Chambers and Church is even worse than we thought: “There are rats living in the light pole; they scoot out every few minutes to the garbage bin next to it to feast then run back up. There are definitely a few in there. That corner is a bit of a mess. I am going to send 311 a note.” Yes, please do! And one of these days I’ll get in touch with councilmember Margaret Chin’s office. Surely, they read this, or at least have a Google alert on her name, right?

••• Here’s what the Smyth’s newly redesigned rooms look like. What did they do with all those Womb Chairs? I so would’ve bought one.

••• Tribeca Grand, meanwhile, is adding a sign. I still think they should paint the green parts of that building black, or maybe a dark gray.

Tribeca Grand sign


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  1. Hi Erik,

    Didn’t get a chance to see the fly-over in person, but appreciate your catching and posting (part of) it btwn burrito bites…

    Just a quick clarification about the pic above, which isn’t from the fly-over (but is cool nonetheless).

    For what it’s worth, that picture is of, left to right, the following aircraft:
    P-51, F-16, F-15 and A-10.