Seen & Heard: Opening Date for the Four Seasons Hotel

••• After I posted about how Sushi Tatsu had put a public notice in the window of 175 Franklin saying that its liquor-license application would be discussed at the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee meeting, the CB1 agendas came out. The Tribeca Committee one included this:

175 Franklin Street, application for restaurant liquor license for entity to be formed by Jean Dupuy – Resolution

It’s possible that someone named Jean Dupuy is opening Sushi Tatsu. (The only Jean Dupuys I find online are a pro hockey player and a 90-year-old artist.) It’s also possible that CB1 got something wrong. And it’s also possible that the landlord is playing two potential tenants against each other…. UPDATE 8/30: Someone named Jean Dupuy is indeed opening Sushi Tatsu, with a former chef from Sushi Yasuda. The full details are here.

••• Pakistan Tea House was closed Wednesday and Thursday. Fearing the worst, and not having a contact at the restaurant, I asked around. Sounds like it was a Department of Health situation, which isn’t a total shock (and I say that as a fan). Let’s hope the restaurant is back open soon.

Pakistan Tea House••• I just barely got a shot of yesterday’s flyover (well, three-quarters of it). Then, as I was eating a burrito from El Vez Burrito near the Irish Hunger Memorial—kind of awkward spot to gorge, but what are you going to do—I heard them roar back the other direction. So I loitered a while to see if they’d make another pass. (Nope.) Were the helicopters worse yesterday because of the flyover, or are they always that bad? It was like being on Governors Island; relaxing at Rockefeller Park—or Hudson River Park—would be impossible with the constant buzzing. Let’s hope councilmember Margaret Chin’s proposed bill to ban tourist helicopters gets some traction.

flyover••• The general manager of the new Four Seasons Hotel at 30 Park Place tweeted that the hotel will open in 315 days. So that’s like June of 2016.

••• The Walmart Foundation gave $100,000 to the New York City Rescue Mission, which is commendable.

••• Flyers have been posted at Warren and W. Broadway for “The Affair,” shooting Aug. 31. It’s basically here every week.

••• Art in General sent out an open call for non-professional actors: “As part of Protocols, a newly commissioned installation and performance with artist Lior Shvil presented by Art in General in conjunction with Performa 15, audience members are invited to work directly with Shvil and actor/theater director Hollis Witherspoon for a series of workshops and performances. Participants will enact improvisational exercises and protocols based on Army training manuals and Shvil’s own military experience. These workshops and performances, rooted in social theater and improvisational methods, will be free and open to members of the public as spectators or actors. Throughout this evolving exhibition, audience members will be offered a rare opportunity to both witness and take part in creating content and meaning. Workshops are free of charge and participants will be given a modest honorarium per performance. The artist asks for performance participants to attend two workshops prior to performance dates. Register to participate: Email for specific dates, times, and to get involved!”