Seen & Heard: Update on Martin Auer Bakehouse

••• Looks like Sushi Azabu really is dropping the “Sushi”—no doubt so it’ll show up higher on OpenTable (below) and the like.

Azabu opentable••• After a comment exchange about whether Martin Auer Bakehouse would be opening after all (at Church and Leonard), since no work has been done, I reached out to Auer. He said that they’re waiting for the landlord to deliver the site after renovating the doors, windows, etc., and once that’s done, they’ll need a few months.

••• From a reader: “Gaslights back on at City Hall Park fountain as of yesterday, after a few years of being off. Yay!”

••• I don’t go to Goldman Alley that often, so these may be very old, but of all the ways to liven up that chilly space, they went with light pillars that change color?

Goldman Alley lights••• Press release: “Brookfield Place NY is proud to announce MOVE!, an interactive exhibition that celebrates art and fashion, curated by Visionaire co-founder Cecilia Dean and noted writer David Colman. MOVE! couples artists from various disciplines, including visual art, performance and dance, with noted fashion designers to create one-of-a-kind experiences for the public to participate in. For 2015, the duo has re-envisioned MOVE! exhibition with imaginative movements created by collaborative teams of artists and designers including Ryan McNamara & Diane Von Furstenburg, Olaf Breuning & Cynthia Rowley; James Kaliardos & Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Liz Markus & Michael Kors (list still in formation). The exhibition features seven artist/designer collaborations produced in partnership with Josh Wood Productions and will be open to the public from October 2-4.” I don’t have any idea what that means, but here’s a photo.

Move Brookfield Place••• Opening Nov. 5 at Apexart: “For Alternative Unknowns, six New York City based artists and designers have been commissioned to create objects that provoke new ways of thinking about emergency preparedness. Each artist will be invited to a conversation with NYC’s Office of Emergency Management about emergency issues facing the city, and then will be tasked with designing object-based solutions. The objects created will be presented at apexart as a theatrical simulation space, which will serve as a stage for a performance by two pairs of trained improv actors who will interpret these emergency preparedness objects and the multiple potentials for how they could be used.”