In the News: Woman Escapes from Police Custody at Downtown Hospital

••• What happens if you fall for Mr. Chow‘s shiny Champagne cart…. —Traveling Panties UPDATE: Ack! J. points out that this blog post is from 2009. My bad for not noticing—it showed up in today’s Google alert on “Tribeca.” That said, I imagine there’s still good reason to be wary if a waiter at Mr. Chow tries to get you to buy a glass of Champagne. Maybe I’ll have to go and see what happens.

••• “A woman prisoner in police custody escaped after being taken to [NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital] for medical treatment, NYPD officials said.” —DNAinfo

••• Tribeca-based AB Architekten designed a new home for a Staten Island family whose house got ruined by Sandy. —New York YIMBY

••• “Chris Taylor performs airobatics while making the Greenwich Hotel windows sparkle.” —Tribeca Trib

••• A profile of “Kirsten Johnsrud, the master of the South Street Seaport Museum’s 1885 schooner, Pioneer.” —Downtown Post NYC



  1. Re: Mr. Chow – expensive yes… But keep in mind that you are also paying for the great service and immaculate presentation.
    The food in general is far better as well…. i.e. Not too oily, greasy or salty

    More like a five star version of Chinese food so not fair to compare it to the regular “take outs” etc.

    The best way I have found to experience it is to go with friends (6-8 people) so that you can order a lot of different options and taste everything.

    Not everyday Chinese for sure… and definitely worth it when you want a superior dining experience in the neighborhood.

    • I’ve found it inconsistent (frustrating at those prices), but there is something irresistible about the place…. Last time I was there, we sat next to Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Aaron Rodgers, and Olivia Munn, which made up for a lot.

  2. Lots of celebs for sure and a great atmosphere.. Let’s face it, a lot about this place has to do with “The Show”
    Agree the food can be inconsistent but generally a big step up above regular Chinese food
    My point was that it is easy to forge a comparison with Chinese take out etc. but given the quality and atmosphere it is an unfair one..

    It is also quite romantic and a nice place for a date… The right server makes all the difference here frankly,

  3. RE: Mr Chow. The blogger lists Cleveland, Ohio as a destination for luxury travelers. Enough said.

  4. Although I have never read a positive review of them, they are usually busy, and luxury cars are often double parked outside. To me they exemplify everything negative and ridiculous about what this neighborhood has become. Thank goodness I can still get a delicious frisée salad at Edwards for $13…