Seen & Heard: Church Street Tavern Is Reopening

••• Bookmark it: “A group of us have set up, a website to address helicopter noise,” tweeted @AirTrafficNoise.

••• Good news: Pakistan Tea House is back open.

••• I need to learn InDesign, but I’m not good in a classroom situation. Anyone know anyone I can hire for private lessons? I’m at

••• 30 Park Place now has concrete panels at the very top, so we can finally see how the building will look. Not shabby at all. (Click the photo to see it larger.)

••• After no evidence of renovations at Church Street Tavern and the Butterfly—both of which said they were taking much of the summer off for that reason—I figured they were done for good. But happy news: Church Street Tavern is indeed reopening (on Sept. 8 according to the new sign). No word yet on the Butterfly.

Church Street Tavern••• Still more film/advertising shoots:

Flyers are posted at Broadway and Reade for “Law & Order: SVU,” filming on Tuesday. I don’t normally include “L&O” in these roundups because it’s always shooting around here, but I’m trying to illustrate exactly how many we have to put up with. (Also, I once had to watch an “SVU” episode when I belonged to Equinox; the plot involved a child being sodomized—and I think murdered—with a tennis racket, and for the life of me I still can’t fathom why anyone would want to watch that.)
Flyers are posted at Broadway and Chambers for “Vinyl,” shooting Thursday. This is an HBO show, produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, about the record business in the ’70s.