Seen & Heard: 56 Leonard’s Striptease Continues

••• More of the top of 56 Leonard.

56 Leonard 8311556 Leonard from Greenwich••• Another shoot:

Flyers have been posted at Greenwich and Laight for “Wizard of Lies,” the HBO film with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer as Bernie and Ruth Madoff.

••• B Flat appears to be deviating from its usual menu. (This was from Sunday.)

B Flat Noodle Bar••• The northwest corner of Grand and Thompson will be a boutique for Maison Close, maker of French underthings. The brand is carried the world over, but this appears to be the first dedicated U.S. store. (P.S. Let’s all get hoods.)

Maison Close Thompson and Grand••• The Vespa dealership at 6 Grand (just off Varick) appears to be open.

Vespa 6 Grand••• If you ever see these people—they were once spotted outside Independence Plaza North—please snap photos of their license plate and of them netting the pigeons. I’ll take it from there.

pigeon flyer



  1. can you post a larger image of the pigeon killers – cannot make out what they look like here.

    • Even on the original flyer you can’t out their faces. Keep an eye out for anyone netting pigeons.

      • There were too many pigeons anyway as a certain neighbor in Tribeca had been mass feeding them all over the neighboorhood.

        • I’ll never understand the affection some people have for pigeons. They’re nothing more than rats with wings and I never hear any outrage over efforts to eradicate rats from the city.

          • Pigeons are rats? Humans are the rats. Pigeons are just doing their thing, trying to find food, sitting on a ledge to take a break, finding safe shelter to raise families, gathering together to socialize, etc. They don’t have big brains to overthink or coordinate their efforts to intentionally piss off their neighbors. And they don’t throw a net over a bunch of school children at PS 234 to bring them to Pennsylvania to be starved and then shot.