In the News: Invasion of the Chain Snatchers

••• “A man wanted for rape, murder and robbery in North Carolina was arrested by NYPD officers Tuesday, after the fugitive stole a woman’s car in Tribeca.” —DNAinfo

••• Police caught the woman who escaped from their custody while at the NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan hospital. Still curious why the took her there, since she was accused of not paying at an Upper West Side restaurant.—DNAinfo

••• “One year in, and Fields Good Chicken, a restaurant on Maiden Lane in the financial district,”—cap that, son!—”has signed on for its second Manhattan location” (on E. 40th St.). —Crain’s

••• “A woman’s $2,000 gold and diamond chain was torn from her neck as she rode the 2 train on Sunday” (around 9 a.m. near Wall Street). —DNAinfo

••• “A man was punched in the face and had his gold chain ripped from his neck as he walked near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal last week” (Saturday at 4:45 p.m.). —DNAinfo

••• The 60-story condo tower at 151 Maiden Lane will be known as One Seaport. —Curbed

••• Adventures in real estate marketing…. “When Compass offered up a few of their amazingly beautiful listings here in New York as shoot locations, I have to say I fell in love with the idea of imagining this ‘sister’ life of mine—in an alternate universe where I live in a $5.5 million penthouse, throwing dinner parties every night, with Manhattan literally at my feet.” —This Time Tomorrow



  1. At least they will still have the view of Truffles to the west from their penthouse terrace when the rear portion of 456 Greenwich St (on Washington St) blocks their view to the south!

  2. I eat regularly at Fields Good Chicken (which is next to my office) and they’re surprisingly good. It is Chipolte-style fresh, fast casual with a nice menu. Try the Bueno Bowl.