Memories of Old Tribeca Restaurants

old Tribeca restaurant matcbooksLast night, I was dusting the big bowl filled with matchbooks from our years of restaurant-going—no, really, I had a great weekend—when I realized you might enjoy seeing the ones from defunct Tribeca establishments. And then I moved onto the bowl of business cards (because matches haven’t exactly been in vogue for a while)…. Click on the images to make them bigger. Two explanatory notes: Forge is what Marc Forgione was called when it opened (so it’s happily not defunct), and the one with a big A (above) is from Arqua. And of course these are not the only places we tried; we simply forget to pick up matches or cards most of the time.

old Tribeca restaurant cards1old Tribeca restaurant cards2old Tribeca restaurant cards3



  1. Oh, how I miss the original Duane Park! Even though we only went once or twice a year they always made us feel like old friends and regulars and when friends from other parts of the city wanted to know where to meet out of towners it never disappointed.

  2. Artemis, Delphi, Ellen’s, How’s Bayou, Tenbrooks, Rachel’s, Acute Cafe’, Socrates,

  3. what happened to the Fresh group–Shore and (can’t remember the 3rd one). Did they pivot or just leave altogether?

  4. A couple more…. Breadshop Cafe, Montrachez, River Run, Good Enough To Eat.

  5. I’m still holding a matchbook from Grace. That was a late-night favorite of mine for years!

  6. Bon Temps Rouler

  7. Rosemarie on Duane

  8. What was the name of the restaurant, bar, music venue on Chambers Street. It was amazing. Bar in front, restaurant behind it and a dance floor and great live music. Saw Jane Olivor there. IT was such a great place. Thanks, Gina