Seen & Heard: The Tribeca Grand Is Now the Roxy

••• Tribeca Grand’s name change has taken place: It’s now The Roxy. (And now I’ll have this in my head for at least three days.) The marquee has been changed but I haven’t been up to take a photo, so this illo will have to do for now.

••• Opening Sept. 29 at Art Projects International: “Deceptively Simple,” works by Pouran Jinchi, Il Lee (whose “Untitled 2496” is below and I want it), and Richard Tsao.

Untitled 2496 by Il Lee••• Press release: “Fosun Property Holdings and the Alliance for Downtown New York are pleased to co-present Dine Around Downtown, one of Lower Manhattan’s most popular public events, on Wednesday, September 30, at 28 Liberty Plaza. This is the 14th year for the food festival, which features selected offerings from 44 Lower Manhattan restaurants and cafes and draws some 15,000 attendees. The festival will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fosun’s landmarked plaza at the corner of Nassau and Liberty streets, and is open and free to the public.” (Admission is free but the food is $3-$7.)

••• The Lot 77 café/bakery at Southbridge Towers has reportedly closed for renovations, which isn’t a good sign, since it hasn’t been open that long.

••• Opening Sept. 17 at Cheryl Hazan: “Beyond Myth,” paintings by Jason Craighead. They’re “a dynamic and highly expressive combination of acrylic paint, oil pastel, and graphite markings on canvas. Through this current body of work, Craighead creates spacious, dreamscape moments of hope and peace.”

Beyond Myth or Dream by Jason Craighead••• As of September 15, the ground-floor bar at the Trump Soho hotel is being called Mr. Jones—not after the Counting Crows song but “inspired by a well-traveled, well-heeled bon vivant” and paying “homage to the last classic gentlemen of the 1960’s. The shelves are filled with treasures from each stamp in his passport and the walls are lined with one-of-a-kind lightboxes and the likes of Sophia Loren, Neil Armstrong, Marilyn Monroe, Cassius Clay and Frank Sinatra. The decor is a celebration of classic 1960’s Americana and was custom-designed and specifically created to suit Mr. Jones’ personal taste and style. The lofted stage is home to Mr. Jones’ House Band three nights a week and a weekly surprise performance of your gracious host’s choosing.” Distilled‘s Benjamin Wood is involved with the cocktail list.



  1. What happened to the beautiful clock at the former TriBeCa Grand?
    Last time I walked by it looked like it was not working. I hope they didn’t take it down.

  2. Re-branding the hotel? Are we in trouble? Sounds a bit desperate to me.

    • The Roxy Hotel is a desperate attempt to stay hip and current in a time when the new breed of luxury lifestyle hotels in NYC are focused on authenticity, luxury and service. The team behind Grand Hospitality have great ideas however its all lost in the execution. A clear example of this can be seen in the newly launched Django jazz club. (Yes, its called Django – case in point) The concept of an underground jazz club is brilliant, however it looks like a ride at Disneyland with the faux walls and cheesy aesthetics. The Sterns have enough money to have constructed this space more authentically. The same can be said for the main floor lobby where they replaced the stunning vibrant contrasting furniture and the gorgeous illuminating wall of candles with oversized brown leather sofas and a cheesy stage that is as desperate as Django. The rest of the main lobby still have remnants of the old glory of Tribeca Grand, unfortunately not the ones we want to remember such as the newly renamed Roxy Bar with the strange starry wallpaper and awkward seating and layout. So is it too late for The Roxy? Not necessarily… the team just needs to remember why they got into the hotel business to begin with.

  3. Re: Lot 77. I’ve walked by a few times recently and they’ve put in shuffleboard and pool tables and are adding to the bar that was in the back. Plus, they have a new sign up front and some more “eat/drink/play” signage on the side. I think maybe their liquor license went through and they’re rejiggering for more of a pub/bar feel.