Post Poem Praise

There’s a new book out celebrating the “painted words” of beloved Tribeca artist Robert Janz. Post No Bills Poems, according to the press release, “features Janz’s street poems as seen through the lenses of seven photographers since they first appeared in 2011 in the city.” You can pick up a copy ($70) at the launch party at Carini Lang on September 21 (6:30-8:30 p.m.) or order one via

The photo above is by Eva Davidova; the ones below are respectively by Steve Stoppert, Ken Brown, Daniel Albanese, Joanna Kiernan, Travis Brown, and Collin Scotese. (Or drift your cursor over to see the name.) And then I threw in two more that I took last week….

Robert Janz Post Precious Planet by Tribeca Citizen



  1. This is beautiful, Erik!
    Thank you so much….

  2. Roberto, you post no bull.

    My vote has you as the official war artist for Bernie Sanders

    Went to Dantes birthday at Pennys on the 15th. Some things are timeless.

    Off to Seville bull ring next week to record the last throws of the Coloseums.
    Grisly business. Waterfalls of blood.

    Love from all your London Fan Club.


  3. Love and Congrats from Kaua`i. Sounds like a fun party—sorry to miss it! Posting many blessings.

    Maybe see you in November,