Seen & Heard: Sixth Avenue Hodgepodge

••• The new building at 11 Sixth Ave. is, uh, something else. Click the pix to see it larger. I think the columns are meant to reference cast-iron buildings; Adam wondered whether we might expect go-go girls in each window. (In case you’ve forgotten, the building is going to house a restaurant/bar, with a big permanent atrium taking over half the sidewalk.) P.S. This is why many of us would like to expand the historic districts.

11 Sixth Ave11 Sixth Ave from the south11 Sixth Ave square••• And that’s quite an addition planned for 293 Church. The whole building has been getting renovated, but this is the first I’ve heard of a rooftop addition, so I’d guess the framing is to show the Landmarks Preservation Commission what’s being asked for.

293 Church rooftop addition••• More shoot permits:

—Around Franklin and Hudson for “The Affair” on Tuesday, Sept. 15. (I already noted the permits for Sept. 14.)
—Around Church and White for “Billions” on Tuesday, Sept. 22. That’s the TV show about a U.S. attorney vs. a hedge fund.

••• Friends of Washington Market Park has a “new, simpler reservation process” for reserving the gazebo for parties of up to 50 people.

••• Last but not least, a reader who attended last week’s CB1 Landmarks Committee meeting sent over the plans for the grand old Emigrant Industrial Savings Banks building at 49-51 Chambers (the city sold it and now it’s going condo). I rang the alarm about new windows ruining the signage on either side. The plans aren’t quite that dire. (Below: The existing fenestration is on the left and what’s proposed is on the right.) While I wish they wouldn’t do the columns of windows at all on the far left or right, the fact that there are already some there makes the new windows less of an imposition. It’s even arguable that filling out the columns of windows will be pleasing to the eye. Anyway, if you want to see the PDF of all of the plans, email me at

49-51 Chambers Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank windows



  1. Any idea what’s going on with 59 Vestry? There are orange doo-dads sticking out of the brick and the sidewalk is closed.

  2. 293 has a stop work order. I can’t seem to find anything on the LPC website about an addition.