In the News: Cheap New Broadway Hotel

••• The last time I gave any thought to 396 Broadway, at the southeast corner of Walker, the Department of Buildings permits indicated that the building seemed would be going half-condo, half-hotel. Now Crain’s says it’ll be 100% hotel, with room rates around $200. (Cheaper than Tribeca Blu, eh? Can’t wait to see the clientele.) The opening should be at the end of 2016. The developers hope “to lure several food and beverage options to the project, such as a café and sushi restaurant, though the exact nature of the culinary offerings has not been nailed down. The developers also plan to install self-check-in kiosks in the lobby and fiber-optic cable in the rooms, whose blinds, lights and temperature can also be controlled via remote or smartphone.” I’d guess that the rooms will be so small it’d be easier to just reach over and lower the blinds manually…. The lobby rendering is by DXA Studio.

••• The New York Times profiles Nigel Smith, the Flea’s new artistic director. It includes this: “Next season—the last in the Flea’s current space [it’s moving to Thomas Street]—will feature ‘a big blowout,’ paying homage to the theater’s past and future, Mr. Smith said, though he declined to hint at details. As for the Flea’s glamorous new home, with its three performance spaces, he seemed as excited about the possibilities of the bar, the stoop, the area under the stairs. ‘I want to activate every space,’ he said. ‘To me, every space can be a performance space.'”

••• Yet another New York Ranger lives in the area: Keith Yandle. —Daily News

••• “A key member of the City Council [Ydanis Rodriguez, chair of the transportation committee] will call on Mayor Bill de Blasio to add a Hudson River route to his five-borough ferry service plan. […] The councilman envisions a ferry route connecting Battery Park to 72nd Street and 125th Street, and perhaps extending to Inwood and Riverdale. If even a fraction of tourists chose to travel to those neighborhoods, the economic boom would be significant, he said.” —Crain’s



  1. 396 Broadway may be where Blue Bottle Coffee is planning to open.

  2. Fiber optic cable? Do they know something we cannot find out no matter how hard we try? There are other companies delivering fiber, but ultimately Verizon is in the chain somewhere, and it’s the most likely provider overall.

    As many know, Verizon has been promising FiOS in this neighborhood for nearly five years. Lately the public anger about the company’s reneging on the commitment it made when the city allowed it to sell TV services here has been growing more vociferous. I’ve also seen much more work being done by them in the street.

    Has anyone heard anything about progress in this area?

  3. Huh? My building is wired for FiOS as are many others around us.

    • Well mine isn’t. And we’ve asked for it but can’t get a response.

      • Co-op, condo, rental building? Large or small building? Side street or north-south avenue?

        • We got FIOS only after Sandy essentially destroyed the copper that served POTS to our building and Verizon had little choice and also got Federal money for the repair. Otherwise I doubt we’d have it

          • Verizon apparently used Sandy to further its FiOS goal:


            “[Verizon CEO] Lowell McAdam, speaking at the Citi Global Internet Media and Telecommunications Conference in January 2013, said that Verizon’s new ‘mantra’ is ‘You will not fix copper’:

            When we had the impact of Sandy, our mantra was “You will not fix copper.” So if copper got into any kind of a damaged situation and FiOS was in the vicinity, or we could run FiOS down an adjacent street and get into there, we would cut the copper out of service.

            “And why do it? Well, upselling — that is, having the customers buy more products from the companies’ own affiliates:”

            Now what is the reason we want to do that? Well, when a customer goes even to FiOS digital voice, they very quickly see the difference on copper, and we have seen the ability to sell up.

        • Condo with over 35 units on a North/South Avenue. Building next door has fios.

  4. Crain’s article states: “The Amirian Group and Bridgeton Holdings are converting a landmarked former office building in TriBeCa into a 171-key hotel.”

    Proposed C of O from March 2015 showed 126 hotel rooms (14 rooms per floor x 9 floors)