In the News: Boxing Gym Closing

••• “Dan Zarrilli, director of the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency, came before the Planning Committee of Community Board 1 to discuss the de Blasio administration’s application with the National Disaster Resilience Competition to fund future storm protection measures in Lower Manhattan. This $500-million grant (if approved) would cover the design and implementation of flood protection from Montgomery Street on the East River, to Battery Park. None of this allotment would be used to protect Battery Park City or Tribeca. The funds to safeguard those communities, roughly $100 million more, would have to be allocated separately.” —Broadsheet

••• Bad day at 1 World Trade Center: “China-based Vantone Industrial wants to take 31,344 square feet instead of the 202,000 square feet it originally committed to.” —Crain’s

••• Downtown Express profiles the Mysterious Bookshop.

••• “Trinity Boxing Club, known for its varied and dedicated members—whether professional fighters, neighborhood regulars or celebrities—is shuttering at the end of the month, after being hit with a rent hike.” —DNAinfo

courtesy Trinity Boxing Club



  1. I knew Trinity Boxing wouldn’t last in the current environment downtown. That is a travesty.

  2. Even though I’m not a fan of boxing in general, I will miss them. They opened there at a time when that area was really depressing, and it was so good to have something lively on that corner. I have told this story here before but here it is again: an elderly woman with a cane fell in the intersection there one day (made a really loud noise) and those guys were out of there in a flash, helping her and bringing a chair so they could carry her into the gym. Good people to have in the nabe.

  3. I too am saddened to see Trinity move away and to me it is part of a disturbing trend. The whole length of Greenwich Street south of the WTC to the Battery Garage has been developing an ominous feel. The Trinity Boxing space will become another in a growing list of closed stores and restaurants that sit empty on the street. Even the small post office closed. Businesses are moving out and a couple of buildings torn down, to be replaced I’m sure by more luxury residences. Scaffolding that has been up for ages add to the joyless feel. Even the Syms store has been sitting empty for a couple of years now. And yet through it all a massage parlor recently opened over Wogies offering happy endings to the growing riff raff population that passes through the area each day now. I find the overall situation sad.