Help Wanted

Howard at workIt’s time to try starting a sister site for another neighborhood. If you know anyone who might be interested in part-time work, have them get in touch. Here’s the ad I’m running on Indeed:

I founded a successful hyperlocal website,, and now I’d like to create a similar one for another neighborhood—the ones that I think are ripe are Chelsea/Hudson Yards, DUMBO, and FiDi, but I’m open. What I need is someone to create the content. I could go on and on about what that means, but you’re better off reading Tribeca Citizen (website, email newsletter, and social media) to get an idea of what’s involved. If you already live in the area you’d be covering, such a position overlaps conveniently with daily life, while allowing flexibility for other gigs. Having done the first site on my own, I’m not sure exactly how a second site would work, but I do know that this field has enormous potential, and the quality-of-life benefits are enormous.

Experience as a writer or editor (online or otherwise) isn’t required, but it obviously helps. The skills I’m concerned with—besides the usual ones like good organization, being a self-starter, etc.—are tone and being able to filter out what’s important and what’s not. If I had to guess, the fact that Tribeca Citizen doesn’t waste readers’ time is probably one of the main reasons they like it so much.

P.S. Please don’t just send a resume—I’ve always hated reading them. You’re better off mentioning any relevant experience in the cover letter.



  1. No one covers Soho in my opinion like you cover Tribeca. You’ve had a few interesting West Broadway and Thompson St items recently in your AboCa forays on this site.

  2. Please pick Chelsea!!. I am a Tribeca Expat and read TC every couple of days. We need you up here,

  3. That photo of Howard is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!

  4. Would love to see someone cover Chelsea in the Tribeca Citizen style!

  5. West Chelsea/Hudson Yards would be great; I’m about to be a Tribeca expat myself, and agree we need TC up there.

  6. FiDi & Seaport! I live in this area, and I think it’s much in need of being covered as majority of the people think it’s dull & touristy. Anything but!

  7. Howard would make a great boss!