In the News: Skyline Snow Job

111 Murray••• The views at 111 Murray are going to be so amazing—you won’t even be able to see 56 Leonard, the AT&T Long Lines Building, Tribeca Tower, Independence Plaza North….

••• Renderings of the retail part of the redevelopment of 1 Wall Street. —YIMBY

••• Departures magazine’s Home + Design supplement has an article praising—and praising, and praising…—Herzog & de Meuron and 56 Leonard. Tellingly, there’s no photo of the actual building, only of a model/rendering. Of note: “Downtowners […] constitute some 80 percent of the building’s soon-to-be occupants.” (It doesn’t appear to be online.)

••• “This November, on a Soho corner previously occupied by the Mexican-Japanese conveyor-belt-sushi spot Taka Taka”—that’s at W. Broadway and Grand—”[Einat] Admony and her husband and partner, Stefan Nafziger, will expand their horizons with a new restaurant fusing Spanish and Israeli flavors and techniques.” They’re the ones behind Taïm, Balaboosta, and Bar Bolonat. —Grub Street

••• Bloomberg got a new rendering for 45 Park Place. This is actually the same story that Crain’s ran last week, but YIMBY noticed the rendering, so here it is again. The Bloomberg/Crain’s article says the building will be 70 stories, but YIMBY says it’ll only be 43 (and the rendering looks closer to 43 than 70). I guess that’s the Islamic cultural center tucked back to the left; time will tell whether the rendering is just a placeholder. Related to the item at top: Credit must be given for including 56 Leonard and the AT&T Long Lines Building.

45 Park Place rendering



  1. Park Place going from 1.5 lanes to three will be nice, if not impossible.