Seen & Heard: The Roxy’s New Jazz Club Is Open

••• The jazz club in the Tribeca Grand Roxy opened this past weekend. Run by Vito Dieterle and Joseph Schwartz, who had Silver Lining on Murray, it’s called the Django and reservations are essential, according to the Facebook page (212-519-6600) not required. The club is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 p.m., with the music from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Django jazz club in the Roxy••• To make it easier to wallow in the Tribeca of yore, I’ve gathered posts about the neighborhood’s history on one page, which is reachable via the “Photos of Old Tribeca” icon in the right column on every page of the site.

••• The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers event once again provoked residents’ ire, as you can see from the email below. Tribeca was also affected, with buses and other West Street traffic clogging Greenwich and other streets for hours. We’ve said it before: We understand that events will be help in Lower Manhattan, but the organizers and NYPD have to remember that a lot of people live here now.

I live on North End Ave, and the finish line goes right down Warren from River Terrace toward the highway. This would be fine with me, except there’s a battalion of teenage cheerleaders stationed in the center of North End, and they’ve been screaming and yelling and chanting “USA”—constantly—since 9 a.m. [That’s them below, and I can’t even imagine….] There’s also echoing, banging music carrying from the Festival at Vesey Street and the activities on the highway.

On top of this, the actual street closures don’t match what was indicated on the NYC DOT website, and it seems like the police have arbitrarily closed streets (the website also had the event listed for Saturday, not Sunday). For example, I had to return a rental car at the Gateway Plaza garage this morning by 9 a.m., and was unable to get any access to Battery Park South because Battery Place was arbitrarily closed.  Also, West Street was arbitrarily closed from Canal to Warren.

There was no advance notice of the extensive scope of the event, at least that I saw.  If I had known, I would have gone away this weekend—or at least planned for it differently!

Tunnel to Towers cheerleaders••• Does anyone know why there’s a photo of a woman ticketed between the window and the paper at 147 Duane?

147 Duane••• The paper has been removed from the windows of the former Pompanoosuc Mills store at 124 Hudson. Anyone know what’s coming?

124 Hudson••• I ran a similar photo to this a while back in a Photo Safari! post, but only the other day, while over behind the Municipal Building, I realized what it reminds me of: the New York-New York resort and casino in Las Vegas.

1WTC 30 Park Place Woolworth mashup••• Progress at the skinny little building going up at 267 Water Street; it goes through to Front Street. Love how the rendering includes the “Backfat” tag and a random guy.

267 Water 267 Water rendering



  1. There are too many/too loud/too smoky/too smelly. No argument here. But the Stephen Siller Race commemorates a true hero and all proceeds go to a very good cause, disabled vets.

    Perhaps we can cut back on most of the ridiculous events and end the worthy ones in a less residential area like Battery Park or the 16 acre site itself.

  2. Speaking of tags, has anyone else noticed the proliferation of “SEKA” tags in some rather hard to access places on Broadway and West Broadway?

  3. The Tunnel to Tower Run is a great organization but it too large to fit into a residential neighborhood. The organizers were written up in the paper as saying no one complains about the event so why move the route. Without written letters to them and the city/community board all is fine. Not sure why they can’t keep going up West st. to Vesey to Greenwich to finish on lower Trinity…almost all commercial buildings there…

  4. AMK makes a good point. A reminder about where to complain would be helpful. As I recall, there was a similar discussion a couple months back about another event, and someone did get through to both the government official in charge and the event organizers. The sound of the music was shocking that early on a Sunday. As someone said about the prior event, amplified rock music to get the crowd pumped for an event doesn’t seem essential to the event itself when you are holding it in an increasingly residential neighborhood. Wondering how this will fly next year when The Four Seasons is occupied. If I could hear it this year, their guests/owners will next.

  5. I can’t believe someone is whining about being inconvenienced for almost one whole day by an annual event that commemorates an act of heroism and raises money for a good cause.

    I’ll keep reminding myself that your suffering is greater than mine each and every morning as I step around land mines of dog poo, rivers of pee and the occasional puddle of vomit on my walk to the Wall Street subway station. “USA, USA, USA!”

  6. Perhaps the city can relocate the WTC site and the Battery Tunnel to accommodate the whiners.

  7. Nobody is questioning the worthiness of the Tunnel 2 Towers run.

    We (at least me) are simply suggesting that race organizers could implement simple adjustments that would make the event more enjoyable for everyone.

    For example: altering the route so the race stays on West Street instead of going past residential buildings, creating a cheering area at the finish (instead of in front of four residential buildings where there are elderly and young babies), and accurately reporting street closures on the NYC DOT website.

    • In other words, you’re more troubled by noisy cheerleaders than the prospect of shutting down a lengthy stretch of highway for an even longer period of time.

      Something tells me you don’t own a car.

      I’ve also got a feeling your motivation has little to do with the elderly and “young babies.” (What about old babies? They have rights too!)

    • elderly and babies (young and old) all wake up pretty early and aren’t as bothered by the noise as the hungover single people.

      • I believe you are missing the point. Which is to ask race organizers to consider everyone in the community in their planning. I am not young, single, or hungover, but even if I was my opinion would still count.

        • You know in advance the event is happening. Why not leave the neighborhood for half a day since you are so terribly inconvenienced instead of making the choice to stay and complain about being inconvenienced. Treat yourself to a brunch in midtown and do some shopping. Or go to a museum. Or go for a long walk or bike ride. So much to explore in the city. Perhaps stay home and listen to music or watch TV wearing headphones to block out all of the sounds that upset you so much. I for one live in BPC and I enjoy the festivities every year. The sounds of people cheering go a long way to salve the origin of the event.

  8. I don’t mind the buses parked on Greenwich. I do mind that they don’t turn off the engines. There is no need for hours of exhaust fumes in the air.

  9. I’m a big fan of this event and this organization. Over the years they have accommodated concerns of the neighborhood. There was no alcohol permitted at the event this year. Redirecting the route would be governed under traffic enforcement than the Silver organization.

  10. rather than the Siller organization.