Inside the Spring Studio Complex

I figured that one day Spring would let me come in and take pictures—I really went to bat for the place—but whatever, the photos on the AA Studios site are better than I could take, anyway. AA Studios and MA Architects are the firms that converted the top half of the Verizon building at 50 Varick into the Spring style production complex. (That “went to bat” link above explains it all in greater detail, along with photos from the construction period.)

Spring’s website says a “gourmet restaurant with café, bar and private dining” is still in the cards, so if anyone ever hears more about that, do let me know.

These photos are by Alexander Severin and they all get larger if you click on them.

UPDATE: It wasn’t subtle, but it worked. Getting a tour on Friday.

Spring Studios4 by RazummediaSpring Studios9 by Razummedia



  1. Spring Street Studios are not good neighbors.

    They did not represent their business model accurately to CB1.

    The high baby/spot/theatrical lighting that is emitted through their windows illuminates the entire surrounding neighborhood, is extremely offensive and incredibly wasteful environmentally. This occurs all the time- not just during events- and was particularly bad during fashion week.

    • We were very disappointed with the above comment in light of our ongoing efforts to be responsive on this particular subject. Spring Studios responds immediately to any complaints and while we have only received complaints about lighting from one individual, Spring, in cooperation with Community Board One, has gone as far as to offer an engineer to go to the residence in question to see which lights could be altered to alleviate the situation. With the exception of mandatory safety lighting, Spring always shuts down it’s lighting when not in use.

      Please contact us with any issues and we will do our best to make accommodations.
      Our email is: