Is Rag & Bone Opening in Tribeca?

228 W. BroadwayThis is totally unsubstantiated—and not for lack of trying!—but an anonymous commenter says Rag & Bone is opening in the former Bubble Lounge space. You’ll recall that we had heard that a) high-end retail was moving in, and b) the space was being divided, to make better use of the entrances at 228 W. Broadway (above) and 8 N. Moore. Another commenter, James, pointed out that the space was listed as not divisible—but Rag & Bone is said to be opening a women’s store on one side and a men’s store on the other (i.e., dividing it, but not really). The proximity to the J. Crew Liquor Store, Steven Alan, and James Perse would make the location appealing, and Rag & Bone is one of the few brands not to have signed on at the World Trade Center mall…. On the other hand, there is already a store on Mercer. And E. Houston. And Christopher. And W. 13th St….

Pictured below: Rag & Bone founders Marcus Wainwright and David Neville.



  1. This would be the best new addition to TriBeCa since Gourmet Garage.

  2. Rag & Bone would qualify as high end retail.