In the News: Loitering in Battery Park City’s Parks

••• From the Broadsheet‘s report on the teenager who was mugged with pepper-spray: “Parks on either side of North End Avenue, between Warren and Murray Streets, have become a focus of neighborhood concerns over the last year. On the east side of the street, the terrace that overlooks the ballfields has become an evening gathering place for young people who have no connection to the sports leagues playing on the fields below. On the west side of the street, in Tear Drop Park, unsupervised teenagers frequently gather after dark, sometimes with alcohol or drugs.”

••• “Lower Manhattan schools, which desperately need more crossing guards, so far have been shut out of a $1.14 million fund to hire more guards.” —Downtown Express

••• “NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Friday that he recently caught a weed smoker in the act on Wall Street and tossed the joint into the sewer.” I know I feel safer. Best part: “I wish I had a photograph of that face,” said Bratton. “She instantly recognized me.” Sure she did. —DNAinfo

••• “Tribeca resident Noël Jefferson had served on Community Board 1 since 2004, but CB1’s meeting on Sept. 30 was her last. […] ‘I have resigned my position to concentrate on the refugee crisis. The Syrian immigrants were victims of a war they did not create and are in need of our assistance.'” —Downtown Post NYC

••• Soho restaurant “Sessanta is now open for lunch. The menu includes a salumi panini, a charred romaine salad, pasta with clams, and marinated vegetables with pecorino.” —Eater

Sessanta outside tables


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  1. It’s interesting how the actual letter from the parent of the boy describes 2 boys, 13 or 14 years old. Somehow, Broadsheet manages to turn that into “a gang on bikes” that robbed (they didn’t end up taking anything) a resident. They even manage to further sensationalize the incident by describing the events by referring to a “group of boys” riding in “a pack” and describing it like there were at least 4 attackers involved.

    Not sure why they felt the need to pump the story full of steroids, rather than just telling the facts and trying to address the actual issue at hand.